First Look: Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man swings into action like you've never seen him before.

Filled with rage, Peter Parker has just found out who murdered his Uncle Ben. The culprit: Flint Marko, an escaped prisoner caught in a freak accident that displaces his molecular structure turning him into the villainous Sandman. Embodied with the new power of the symbiote, black-suit Spidey is even more powerful than his mild-mannered alter ego and he wants Sandman dead.

Stalking like an owl in the night, Spidey follows Sandman into the subways beneath the gritty streets of New York. The subways are exaggerated in size for optimal web-slinging action, and of course, Sandman ass-kicking. The fight begins. Furiously punching and kicking, Spidey wears on his Uncle's killer. But he's too tough, like an impenetrable sand fortress. In between fisticuffs, subway trains veer by. Spidey regains command of the fight and holds the head of Sandman against the passing train. His face grinds into nothingness.

Sound cool? Believe it or not, this is all gameplay. And it's all a part of the interactive theatrical experience Spider-Man 3 delivers.

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THWIP4277d ago

...the "first look" came about 2 weeks ago, and this lame 1-page article offers nothing new.

Caxtus7504277d ago

I thought the guy who killed his uncle died in the first film by falling out of the window.

power0919994277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

Didn't he get away in his Uncle's car?

The uncle didn't want to give up the car, so the dude shot him.

Then took off with the car, and got away.

I think this is right...

PureGamer4277d ago

dont read the spidy comics anyway he got away, this game looks awesome