Mass Effect 2 "Multiplatform"

Edge writes: "[In Q4], BioWare will release Mass Effect 2 on multiple platforms," he said during a Tuesday earnings call.

The original 2007 Mass Effect was an Xbox 360 exclusive published by Microsoft Game Studios. EA's acquisition of BioWare opened up rumors that the franchise could go multiplatform.

Mass Effect also appeared on PC.

Riccitiello did not specifically mention the PS3 in his statement, but the nature of EA as a multiplatform third-party publisher would suggest that "multiple platforms" would include Sony's machine in the equation".

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GWAVE3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

Awesome. I enjoyed the first one on the 360, and then I played it again on the PC. I'm looking forward to ME2. Bioware makes great RPGs.

And there's no reason for anyone to be a fanboy about this. When it hits the PS3, it means that more gamers can enjoy it. Isn't that what 360 gamers said when FF13 when multiplat? Wasn't that the logic behind the rumors of MGS4 going multiplat?

Well, congrats! Now more people can experience the awesome Mass Effect universe that PC gamers and 360 gamers have already played and enjoyed.

marinelife93638d ago

Someone send a memo to EA from me to tell them I'd like to play the first one on the PS3 before I "jump in" to Mass Effect 2.

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Tony P3638d ago

I'll be frank. I think it's way too unclear to get all excited. For all we know they could easily mean PC and 360 only. It's a very strong possibility they could include the PS3, but I think it's hardly set in stone with this excerpt.

What I am glad to hear confirmed is a Q4 release.

And if we do hear the unsurprising announcement that it will grace a Sony console, I'm hoping too many won't expose themselves as bitter fanboys by bashing ME at every turn.

meepmoopmeep3638d ago

didn't i just mention this to MassERECT the other day?


GWAVE3638d ago

Just for the record, I want to point out how silly it is to say " says multiplatform. It DOESN'T say for PS3. It might just be for PC and 360".

If Konami announced that MGS4 was going "multiplatform", people would go BESERK! They'd scream "OMGGGGGG!!!! I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!! MGS4 ON THE 360!!!! OMFFFFG!!!!"

Yet, with THIS announcement we have to be uber-literal and say " says multiplatform. It DOESN'T confirm it for PS3.'s probably still for 360 and PC only".

Fat Bastard3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

I'm pretty sure that Q4 means quarter 4 which would mean an '09 release date. Unless you think the dev is lying straight to your face of course

Argento-Nox3638d ago

The wording is still ambiguous at best, but if it does go to PS3, they could do the same thing as Dead rising and have ME1 on PSN for download. I certainly wouldn't mind playing this game on the PS3.

RememberThe3573638d ago

Thats because the PS3 always gets shafted. I assume he's just telling you guys to not get your hopes up just yet.

AAACE53638d ago

I hope Ps3 gamers get the game as well... Even though there were a few who said they didn't care about ME 1 and said it was a crappy game.

If it does come to Ps3, I hope they don't complain and say ME 2 will be gimped cause of the! Just kidding! :)


Confiremed for Xbox 360, PC, and Nintendo Wii. Im sorry PS3 fans better luck next time :P

Legion3637d ago

Sorry, only multiplatform if you are including the PC.

king dong3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

i never realised you were a developer, or thought for one minute that there was so many people posting on here that are developers also! just going by the amount of agrees your ridiculous, no basis comment has got, i can only deduce that you, and all those others are developers with intimate knowledge of both consoles.

so, in order for me to accept that, perhaps you or some of those "agree'ers" could post what studios you work for, and which multi-plats you've worked on!

if not, and it's just pure fanboy nonsense, of which i'm 1000% sure is the case, then please feel free along with those that have agreed, to post your mindless know-nothing nonsense in the open zone.

--------> which is that way incase you forgot!!

solidt123637d ago

It seems they are holding out on the PS3 announcement to see if Microsoft wants to pay them for timed exclusivity. That's my 2 cent.

chaosatom3637d ago

Why Dis is no where to be found.

IcarusOne3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

The 4th fiscal quarter of any year is always in the next year. So when I hear 4th quarter of 09, I think this actually means early 2010.

In any event, while it doesn't specifically mention PS3 (ME1 was multiplat without including PS3), I do hope PS3 users get to the enjoy this franchise. It's the kind of amazing that I don't want to horde. I want everyone to enjoy it.

Why dis3637d ago

How in the hell did this fake story last longer on the front page than the new post/news that came after it debunking this rumor?

likedamaster3637d ago

Its obviously a bad rumor that insists on not dying. Bad for PS3-only gamers.

Argento-Nox3636d ago

Seeing as some fans here consider ME as a multiplatform when it's on the PC, I guess some people should STFU about console exclusives. Besides, if anyone with a PS3 wanted to play this, they could play on their PC, for free might I add.

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LTC3638d ago

I bet he's crying to his mama.

Shaka2K63638d ago

No thanks, WKC destroys this garbage..

bioware stick to making games for pc, you console games are crap.

Helghast Slayer3638d ago

Hahaha the 360 is looking less appealing as the days go by. If they lose ME2 and BS2 that's it for the 360.

Kleptic3638d ago

well...if ME2 turns the PS3 into a slide projector like ME did the 360...not interested...

bad frame rates make sense when a console is actually being pushed to some visual edge...but ME was UE3...and didn't even look as good as Gears or UT3...and it ran like poop on a cold garage door...wait...what?...

Fat Bastard3637d ago

Wow I just got kicked from the gamer zone for 30 freakin days. Suck my balls n4g

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Rise Of The Bad Guy3638d ago

You seriously think Electronic Arts will release Mass Effect 2 as an exclusive?

Really?REALLY?You actually think EA don't want to make money?

mintaro3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

Sorry to spoil your party, but I see no proof.

GWAVE3638d ago

@ mintaro

He is using the exact same logic that 360 owners used when they said "Konami likes to make money, right?!?! They wouldn't squander a huge title like MGS4 as an exclusive, right?!?!"

Granted, their logic ended up being false. However, the point I'm making is that his logic isn't anything new. Don't bash him for it.

-EvoAnubis-3638d ago

"He is using the exact same logic that 360 owners used when they said "Konami likes to make money, right?!?! They wouldn't squander a huge title like MGS4 as an exclusive, right?!?!""

The difference is this is EA we're talking about here.

RememberThe3573638d ago

But I think it's safe to say that ME2 is going to the PS3.

It would suck though if ME didn't make it to the PS3. There are some PS3 owners who are missing out on a damn good game.

acedoh3638d ago

of layoffs as their losses continue to grow. The giant EA is may be more like it was many years ago. I can only see this game and many being shuffeled to as many platforms as possible. I could also see some games going to the Wii also... Yeah I know and developers never learn that the Wii doesn't sell adult oriented games.

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jack who3638d ago

multiplatform aka 360 pc?

GWAVE3638d ago

Oh, so that logic applies NOW and yet when people say "Uh...Left 4 Dead isn't an exclusive" you 360 owners stomp and shout and say "YES IT IS! IT'S EXCLUSIVE ON THE CONSOLES!"

Nice. I love watching someone's logic break down and crumble.

Pennywise3638d ago

Cranium-Rectal Inversion is a treatable disease.

Kleptic3638d ago

no use ever posting again jack were effectively just shot in the're out untill next generation...

hippo243638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

If something is exclusive it means that only certain people get it.

Exclusive: to the object or objects designated
2.not admitting of something else

If its being omitted from any platform it can still technically be an exclusive.

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