Capcom Gets It: How They Understand Gamers and Use Their Own History to Create Classic Games

From the article: "With the recent two-tiered release of the Resident Evil 5 demo, almost a full three months before the game's launch date, Capcom has proven once again how they truly understand the video game industry and community. But their extensive use of pre-release demos is not the only way that Capcom "gets it." The company also has a deep back catalog of games going back to the days of the NES that they mine and refine for game ideas. While some companies could use this history as a crutch, Capcom also takes chances on original titles that are often quirky or unique in some way. While these experiments don't always pay off, they are always interesting."

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KMxRetro3547d ago

"almost a full three months before the game's launch date"

Not in Europe. Comes out March 13th here, which is just a bit more than a month between the demo and the game. Standard.

Roper3163547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

The only thing Capcom gets is ruining 1 of their greatest series by turning it into something it is not supposed to be. All hail Gears of Evil the newest generic action shooter game on the market. A game to buy used for like 20 bucks in a month or so after it's release.

EDIT = I know RE4 was before GeoW and RE4 was my least favorite of all the RE games.

Raoh3547d ago

what did they get right exactly? the RE5 demo was trash...

resident evil is pretty much dead as a series.

Mahr3547d ago

"In the last few years Capcom has introduced the breathtaking watercolor world of ancient Japan to gamers of all cultures with Okami"

...and then closed the studio that made the game and released a port where they de-credited the entirety of the original team of developers.