Major media update from CryENGINE 2 powered LightSpire

Welcome to this months major news update on LightSpire: Fortune's Web. Over the past month LukeWarm Media have been hard at work to bring you this update. Recently the team have begun creating some of the many new assets that will be a part of the LightSpire world. Utilizing all the cutting edge technologies incorporated into the CryENGINE 2 they continue their quest to bring the evolution of fantasy to a screen near you!

StephanieBBB5414d ago

But thats the developers fault not the Cry engine.

Kurylo3d5414d ago

cry engine 2 baby... people are so swept up with killzone they dont realize what us pc players get to see... with crysis cryengine 2. Generations beyond graphically.

Baka-akaB5414d ago (Edited 5414d ago )

It's beautiful but and maybe could end up being a great game , but so far worth nothing without gameplay .
So far it's the same vicious circle lately ... console arrives with some performance and great games , PC feel the burns and obviously compete with better res version of multiplatform games , and ONE big game that push the enveloppe , only to do nothing really interesting gameplay wise (yes i'm talking about crysis) .

Rince , wash and repeat until CRYSIS 5 ... or a new IP with the same core concept .

I'll remember Halo , COD's , Killzone 2 or GOW's gameplay and multiplayer .. will you even remember something about the likes of Crysis , besides graphics that are bound to be outdated , sooner or later ?

theox2g75414d ago

Lol, have u even played Crysis? It's not the best game eva by no means, but it isn't a slouch of a shooter either, I'd say it's the other way around, The visuals are so good that the gameplay gets overshadowed, It actually had a pretty fun gameplay with the nanosuit and destructible environments and all, Crysis Wars also had very good multiplayer which was simply hours of mindless shooting/fragging fun, Nothing special but fun nonethelss

I suggest you try playing the game before jumping the gun to bash it just because it wasn't on your platform of choice, I'd bet if crysis was on ps3, it'd be praised to the heavens and its nanosuit would've deemed a revolution in gaming, Just drop the BS misconception that because it's visuals are so good, it's gameplay somehow has to take a hit for it, Even on crappy lower settings, there's nothing like choking a North Korean and smashing him through a building, Or using a friggin turtle as a weapon, heck, it's even way more fun with the editor which multiplies your options and allows you to tailor your own experience

Watch this vid, it explains why Crysis is a very underrated game gameplay wise and why it's still one of the best shooters in 2007


lelo5414d ago (Edited 5414d ago )

Crysis may not be the best gamer, but is the best looking game created until now... who says otherwise, has not seen Crysis in it's full glory or is in denial. Crysis graphicly set the bar way high, and since then it has not been achieved by any game.

Killzone 2 is a very good looking game but graphicly it has not reached Crysis. A game that might reach Crysis graphics wise, is Uncharted 2. By the pics it looks very good graphicly (may be BS shots). Let's wait and see the actual game.

Says you5414d ago

The only thing they can say when next Gen hits is we have 3 more Gigabytes of ram more then you do and we have 1 billion transistors more then you're console or more Ghz then you do considering most PC's use 3 or 4 or even 6 Gigabytes and the next consoles will have probably 4 or 6 Gigabytes and more transistors and Ghz

and of course PC fans will make something up to justify the PC making it look more powerful face it once was the most powerful platform are I don't know I just cant find the word that I'm looking for?.

theox2g75414d ago (Edited 5414d ago )

You're clearly deluded if you ever think console hardware will surpass pc hardware, Consoles are already dated by the time they are released because finalized specs were settled years prior, And if you really think any console manufacturer is going to overload their console with crazy super high end hardware, You're deluded,

Even Sony went out on a limb with the cell and see how they're paying for it, An overpriced console that is finding a hard time properly inheriting the rich market share its predecessor once had, I don't think any of them is going to make the same mistake twice, I'm sure they've both learned by now, but power in your console isn't everything especially when price is affected

PCs will always be superior, No one is debating that, There will always be devs to push the envelope on pc, Crysis isn't the only pc game pushing boundaries, Stalker Clear Sky is clearly underrated in that regard, The texture quality and lighting of that game is simply phenomenal, Look up Cryostasis and see what they're doing with water effects, taking it to another level, Remember that pc games developers aren't filthy rich or even have a fraction of what console devs have, Just so you know, Crysis cost 1/3 of what Killzone 2 cost yet its engine is more advanced and scalable to other platforms, It's much easier to push your hardware when you have only one set piece as opposed to scaling for 100000s of different setups out there, I'd give consoles that credit but I won't be foolish and ever think for a second that they can surpass pcs

peeps5414d ago

i don't really understand that at all. pc's hardware is constantly improving where as a consoles hardware is only the hardware available at the time of production then your stuck with that hardware untill the next console.

don't get me wrong i probably game on my consoles more than my pc (although just upgrading this week :p) but the pc will always be the most powerful platform because it isn't limited to its hardware. e.g. taking about my upgrade. i just spend 180 on a graphics card that 6 months ago cost nearly twice that and is already becoming dated because there is something better out there already

Marquis_de_Sade5414d ago

If you think next gen consoles will have those specs, you're an idiot.

Says you5414d ago (Edited 5414d ago )

Anything to brag about considering consoles will have more cores and 1 billion transistors more Gigabytes of ram and more Ghz and of course a moron like you misunderstood face it consoles are not getting as weak as you PC fans think and I said next Gen idiot and you have forgotten that Sony can buy those technology and can put it in there new console Sony always goes for cutting edge technology's.

Foxgod5414d ago

Then how come that todays consoles look like magnified calculators compared to the pc i use here ?

theox2g75414d ago

yea, but it's very ignorant of you to make that assumption, Especially considering the light speed at which technology is progressing, How do you know that there won't be some superior tech that comes out for pcs that will far outclass consoles? Actually, it's almost a certainty that that's how things will turn out since they've been that way for the past decades

And why are u so concerned about what pc fans will have? I smell despise and indifference, Why can't you just be satisfied with what you have on consoles and be happy for pc gamers? Lightspire looks incredible and pushes the visuals of RPGs with the Cryengine 2, It looks very promising

bumnut5414d ago

are you on a mission to lose your bubbles?

if you are, you mission is almost complete

Baka-akaB5414d ago (Edited 5414d ago )


Actually i even own it .... Crysis Warhead was pretty decent , but otherwise i still stand by my opinion that the original is nothing great , graphics aside .

Actually given that i own pc and consoles and was actually more of a PC gamer , until lately , and even hated the simple idea of pad controlled FPS , if anyone needs to drop some BS misconception , it might not be me , at least not anymore . Hell i wasnt among the ones getting wet over the rumors of some Crysis port .. the engine is hot , the game not so much , unlike well it's "rival" Farcry 2 , maybe less impressive , but far more enjoyable ...
And let's not even go near cod4 or 5

The game needed a damn addon to finally becomes worthwhile imho , and yet remains an easily forgettable experience.

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