Rare: Games to give out Avatar clothing "like Achievements"

Rare has told VG247 that games will soon give players items of clothing and accessories for their 360 Avatars in the same way they hand out Gamer Points.

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Graphics Whore3545d ago

Sony should do this. Perfectly ties into home.

Foxgod3545d ago

Dont you have to pay for items in Home ?

InMyOpinion3545d ago

They already copied achievements so why not copy this idea as well?

GrieverSoul3545d ago

Sony said they were doing this later on but I guess Microsoft got ahead and put ´´the product on the streets first``!

InMyOpinion3545d ago

Sony say the darndest things. Where's the trophy room?

LeShin3545d ago

LOL you gotta be kidding me lol

I can't believe that comment about "copying achievements" came out of you!

Nintendo Mii's say "Hi"


Foxgod3545d ago

What does an achievement have to do with a mii ?
Nintendo doesnt even have achievements.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3545d ago

Mii's arn't achievements, how did you come up with that?

Viper73545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Actualy Sony has already implemented this to Home, it has been there from the day Home launched.

Theres just not many games that support this, not to mention the only game at the momemnt to support this was only available in japanese store so I dont blame any1 from missing it.

But Namco museum arcade(Beta) awarded players with clothing, accessories and items for home. Betas and demos dont unlock trophies but the game had its own system (that probably will directly relate to trophies)

So nope, sony can't copy something that they have already implemented.


Not to mention that they have talked about trophy rewards way back last year.

thats_just_prime3545d ago

Yeah sony already copied miis and achievements. So why not this too. This was actually announced by MS months ago. They had sent out tools for devs to use to tie achievements and avatars together. I'm hoping that the next star wars games lets you unlock vaders outfit

Tony P3545d ago

I have to say I am quite surprised at how this has been handled so far. I was sure they'd start charging for this kind of thing almost immediately. I guess we can enjoy the spoils for now. They probably will at some point, but until then stuff like this is pretty awesome.

Milky3545d ago

resident evil 5 and street fighter will have home launching and the ability to win outfits for your avatar :)

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Dmitry Orlov3545d ago

I want a werehog costume (from Sonic Unleashed) now :(

AngryHippo3545d ago

.....hope that lots of games support this.

@ Graphics Whore, I am sure Sony will do this as well.

Daz3545d ago

cool idea but i dont like the avaters even thought i still created one ;P you just have to ;)

Omega43545d ago

Thats a great idea, items are always better than numbers

Master Chief and Gears armor FTW


Gears armor would be EPIC!

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The story is too old to be commented.