Avatars Playing Dreamcast? Avatars In Zelda?! writes: "Check out this unseen video for the Xbox 360 Avatars, which shows them:

» Playing Dreamcast, among other old consoles
» Playing Gears of War
» Playing what looks like Zelda….Just check out that Master Sword!
» Whipping something out from down below….
The video was produced by a company called Roger, for use at E3. However due to time constraints the video was never used."

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KionicWarlord2224076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Best video for avatars ever...

They showed the dreamcast controller turn into the xbox 1 controller to xbox 360 controller .

That was interesting....

Gears of war was funny to see .

green4076d ago

Microsoft need to make some cool 3d action games using the Avatars.Lets see how the free to play Joy Ride turns out.

Syronicus4076d ago

Still play that darn thing from time to time.

SpoonyRedMage4076d ago

It seems they're trying to play up the Dreamcast-->Xbox heritage there. Dreamcast was awesome.:D

tordavis4075d ago

Actually it was the Atari 2600 controller -> Colecovision controller -> Dreamcast controller -> Xbox 1 controller -> Xbox 360 controller.

Poopface the 2nd4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

cause the xbox was like the DC 2, but it obvious why they dont want to have a Sony or Nintendo console controller.

Maybe they will get powerstome games on live.

Bnet3434075d ago

That was a nice little video. I liked it. :3

FamilyGuy4075d ago

Why would they NOT show this at E3?
What's that upcoming thing where sonys taking 3hrs? I bet M$ shows this video there.

RockmanII74075d ago

Its Gamescon from August 17 - 19

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scottadkerr4076d ago

dont know what the future holds....Natal and all these updates...cant wait

KionicWarlord2224076d ago

I wonder if Microsoft going for a 3d world .

It would make since be cause in a 3d world it`s like a mmo but without walls .

AAACE54076d ago

You just sparked my imagination! It would be cool as hell if they made an MMO and you could use your avatars as your main characters!

NegativeCreepWA4076d ago

The vid looks more like a demo of the 360s future features, not avatar features. Kind of like the LBP video Sony used a few years ago.

Kushan4076d ago

I don't think this video is anything significant, I think it was meant to show off the 360 rather than anything special about Avatars.

KionicWarlord2224076d ago


Those sam fisher goggles was pretty funny to look at .

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The story is too old to be commented.