Tech2: Killzone 2 Review

Tech2 writes: "When Killzone 2 was unveiled to the world at E3 2005 - in the form of a video, it blew the socks off everyone making the PlayStation3 look like some sort of super console, capable of rendering insanely awesome photo realistic visuals. Expectations were sky high and the bar was raised tremendously. Skeptics laughed at all the gullible folk since there was no way the video shown at E3 2005 was an indication of actual gameplay."

+The Best shooter to grace the PS3
+A Technical marvel
+Multiplayer is a blast
+Killer Enemy A.I

-Controls feel a bit slow and sluggish
-Voice acting is pretty terrible
-No co-op
-Friendly A.I is a bit dense

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Liquid Snake3542d ago

So is this a 9 out of 10?

Cyrus3653542d ago

Yes that would be 9.0/10, however some would look at this mark being higher than that, like a 9.3 or something.

GVON3542d ago

co-op again,I don't understand this.because of these sites,heavy rain,alan wake.HL Ep3,Star ocean,FF13. all these games will now have to include co-op,o0therwise they'll get points taken off them.
A new standard has been set by the reviewers the past week,and because of it, a single player game is not good enough anymore.

Sasanova3542d ago

yea, however, 4.5 shouldnt be an option for reviews focusing on a 5 point scale...reason is because only a 10 point scale works that way, to pick these small things that would alter a score to a decimal, but a 5 point scale has alot more riding on each point, and should be looked upon as an overview of many points put together into a single number out of 5. but meh, whatever

Graphics Whore3542d ago

5/5 scale is teh broke for a system that primarily uses 10/10.

Antan3542d ago

"+A Technical marvel"

I thought Gamespot said it looked average?...........oh wait

thereapersson3542d ago

Weird, from the videos I've seen, it doesn't seem that bad except for the occasional misplaced curse word here and there.

It's goddamn war -- brutal, intense war at that -- not a freakin' tea party for eloquence academy graduates! I'm sure real soldiers who were in a battle of this magnitude would act accordingly.

I wonder how many reviews excused the terrible dialogue in both Gears of War and Gears of War 2?

IWentBrokeForGaming3542d ago

both exclusive and multi-platform both get easier rides in other departments just if it's pretty enough to play... fair it is not thats for sure!

and as much cursing that is in Gears it's not needed, and the few times it's used in KZ2 it's not really needed... half the time it just don't even fit in properly with how it's executed!

Either way I love Gears, Im buying KZ1 tomorrow to get the story rolling for me till KZ2 rolls about! Hopefully I get KZ1 finished before I download the KZ2 demo on thursday... that'd be nice!

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The story is too old to be commented.