Killzone 2 Gametrailers Video review

Is the battle against the Helghast worthy of the hyperbole?

Video review of upcoming Playstation 3 Excluive Killzone 2.

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Blademask3637d ago

that just about rounds up everyone.. there have been 2 80's on metacritic. the rest 90-100.

LTC3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Gamespot, 1up and Edge also other less well known sites like Deeko and Gamesmaster are yet to post reviews.

DeZimatoR3637d ago

is it very spoilerish btw?

C_SoL3637d ago

U beat me to the post.

MAR-TYR-DOM3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

"if there was one ding, its killzone 2 doesnt feel all that fresh"

Like halo 3, cod4 and GTA4 are fresh. Dont get me wrong, 9.2 in the grand scheme of things is an amazing score, but not comparitively speaking from particular websites, that blatantly use "ps3 exclusive standard" for their reviews. Seriously, after watching the vid, i felt as if they would give the game a 9.4 - 9.6 but gave it a 9.2. I know the GT senior fanboy editor had something to do with this. They didnt even have the main dude who does the reviews review this.

bias is ever ramped in gaming media. LOL @ GT
Gears - 9.5
but R2 - 9.1
halo 3 - 9.8 (9.5 STORY), GTA4 - 9.8 (GOTY), BUT MGS4 9.4 (8.7 STORY LMFAO)

I knew GT was always bias. RE5 review will get 9.6/10 and GOTY 2009 for sure. FKCU GT!

morganfell3637d ago

JAN Templar? J-A-N? Did that guy even play the first one? It's Jan as in Yon, like in yonder.

3637d ago
Bonsai12143637d ago

i was honestly expecting an 8.9. they like giving those to ps3 games..

olivia3637d ago

i must say i enjoy that review,the more he talk the more interested i got.even i believe it deserve a 9.6 it still a great score plus this guy is way better than the other guy he was a hardcore bot

Fat Bastard3637d ago

That video was HOT SEX! I jizzed a bit in my pants

T3L3PROOF3637d ago

Lmao the voice actor for the emperor is named "Brian C*cks" (or cox)

na2ru13637d ago

there's lots of spoilers. just warning you.

Black Maverick3637d ago

Gametrailers is owned by Viacom/MTV.

And Viacom and Microsoft = BFFs

I'm not saying that Microsoft has any influence over GT but they definitely let you know who they prefer.

Anyway, it's still a good score but I think the problem that most people are having is when they anoint games like Halo 3 and Gears as "OMG greatest ever" and then something better comes along that's more polished (COD4, Bioshock, Killzone 2), we have situations like this. Point being, I think reviewers judge PS3's games fairly but they go completely brain dead when it comes to Xbox 360 games.

Sarcasm3637d ago

" but they go completely brain dead when it comes to Xbox 360 games."

That's a good perspective. It may be that they don't hate the PS3, and they will judge the game accordingly. But it's more likely that they go ape shiet over a 360 exclusive instead.

Danja3637d ago

well next is the edge review....Gamespot will give KZ2 a 9/10...

KZ2 are proving all the haters wrong....

callahan093637d ago

The way he talks up the story in this game, and some other reviews have stated nice things about the story, I'm surprised it scored only an 8.2 compared to the king of generic storytelling Halo 3. I love Halo 3, don't get me wrong, but 9.5 for THAT story? That's just insanity.

The 9.8 for presentation seems spot on. This game is gorgeous, and it's got some really slick and easy to use menus, with tons of stat-tracking which makes it all the more awesome to own and really sink your teeth into. 9.2 is a good score, but I still can't help but feel like this game is being judged on different grounds than other games. He says it falls just short of being Legendary, but I couldn't really figure out WHY NOT.

mastiffchild3636d ago

Callahan, mate, don't sweat it. All the US sites tend to have a MS bias(like all local papers willl route for their local team in sports coverage and, yes, even to the point of being soft on them in match reviews but don't give visiting teams the same wardstick to be judged bty-the extra bit here is the still simmering all these years later, problem that the US has with Japan(PH and POW treatment) and Japan has with the US-Hiroshima, Nagasaki-which raised its head during the Fallout3 thing last year and was rife in the US media when they didn't want better manufactured Jap cars imported to the US, and showing up Ford and GM in the process)and any Sony praise is very hard won-which makes it more meaningful than a Gears or Halo score.Many US sites feel honour bound to support those MS exclusives-hence the lack of import in the weak ending and unplayable state of Gears2 online or the total absinse of any quantifiable story in either L4D OR Halo3-don't get me wrong they're all great games but they aren't picked at the way R2 or KZ2 were and certainly don't have that pressure to innovate that SCE games do.
But the big thing is that even when people wanted Killzone2 ro fail(after all they laughed at Sony and GG for years saying it would flop)the very worst they could do was give it a 9 out of 10-hard won praise indeed than, just sad noone at these sites held their hands up like men and said "sorry, I was totally wrong about this" but did anyone expect decency let alone braveryfrom these people.

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Hooded Vendetta3637d ago

Good review. Just cant wait to get my hands on it soon enough :)

BananaSlug3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

watch the video and do a spoiler check

thanks in advanced

Hooded Vendetta3637d ago

Theres a few small spoilers, and maybe one boss spoiler. nothing thats going to wreck your playthrough.

If your going to buy the game no matter of this review, then dont watch it. If you are undecided then watch it... Then you'll buy it ;)

redsquad3637d ago

I saw one BIG spoiler, but luckily (or unluckily, depending on your view) I already knew about it before watching. It's a quick cut-scene clip, but people may not want know about it!

iHEARTboobs3637d ago

If you're going to click the link then just listen to the review if you have to but don't watch it. It'll be hard to do though so just skip it and buy the game.

Graphics Whore3637d ago

Interesting review, especially from

bassturd3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Good score but still got lower than the big xbox titles. No surprise there. They nitpick it to death. Lowest score it got was for STORY. They say the story is standard fair but does what it is suppose to do. So it got an 8.1. Cut to the Gears 2 review. Story doesn't matter. 8.8.

makes sense. They need to justify a lower score without being blatant on their bias so they just subtract as much as they can from story.

SupaPlaya3637d ago

need to call out these BS.

Killzowned3637d ago

This was nit-picked to death.

INehalemEXI3637d ago

He said it falls short of legendary...This is how much scruitiny went into this. Its Great but is it legendary? Legendary the game is as5 comparitively.

Legendary Definition: Extremely well known; famous or renowned.

Its not even out yet and its legendary IMO.

Sevir043637d ago

lmao that comment made my fall out of my chair

DeadIIIRed3636d ago

I used to love this website until a little while after the PS3 came out. Its really sad to see the things you love turn out to be steaming piles of fanboy shi*.

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interrergator3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

thank god its not the other guy reviewin this

grailly3636d ago

as I understand it, Gametrailers always has the same writers for the reviews, so the only thing that changed is this one is the ''voice actor''.

interrergator3636d ago

its just the other guy who doesnt get that excited about it