Five Video Games That Are Guaranteed to Make You Look Ridiculous

Video game developers are always looking for ways to make their titles more interactive. For years, that basically meant improving the graphics and giving the designers a production budget rivaling most Hollywood movies. Recently though, a trend has emerged where games are now requiring you to do more than just push a few buttons on a controller. The entire success of the Wii, for example, is pretty much based around mimicking on-screen actions like bowling, tennis, and peeing on cats. Is this fun? Usually, yes. Does that mean you won't look like an idiot to everyone around you while playing some of these games? Absolutely not.

Here are a handful of games that are bound to make you look ridiculous no matter what:

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Ahmay3548d ago

Hell yeah... and thats what makes it so fun!!!

ogenbite3546d ago

And it's only going to get weirder as the years go by...