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Killzone 2's been hyped waaaay, too much, of course. And, no, it doesn't live up to the hype, because if it did it would be the greatest FPS of all time, which it isn't. But it is the best PS3-exclusive to date. Better even than LittleBigPlanet and Metal Gear Solid 4. Two years into the console's life cycle, the undoubted graphical potential of the machine has been realised - Killzone 2 unleashes the power of the PS3 - nothing on any console comes close. The sheer OMG!-ness of the experience makes Killzone 2 worth buying a PS3 for. And, given how much they cost, that's one hell of a compliment.

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Rise Of The Bad Guy3543d ago

So what's the greatest FPS of all time,Halo?

Don't make me f*cking laugh

gaffyh3543d ago

"Better even than LittleBigPlanet and Metal Gear Solid 4" - That's a matter of opinion really. I guess for the average Xbox owner (shooter lover), KZ2 is much better than MGS4 and LBP. But I dunno, I'd have to play the game to decide, but MGS4 & LBP are damn good.

rucky3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Apparently they also gave Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 both a 10. Cause you know they were perfect games right?

MGS4 got a 9 from this site, LBP got a 9 from this site.... and now KZ2 got a 9 from this site. I wonder why they keep taking away that one point.

San Frandisco3543d ago

videogamer? no,see thats were your wrong allready.
pathedic website.
thankfully i didnt even click on the god-forsaken link.

dude "ben hyped waaay to much"?? man wtf? my @ss it has,the killzone hype express has just started b!tche's.
and like the dude above me said "wuts the best FPS then"?? huh,huh..wut now?
halo? HAHA,COD4? yeah ok pffft...L4D? sooo retarted cant even begin to compare all of these cuz they are so far below KZ2.

only thing that compares is Crisis but thats a PC game so fvck that,thats out.. so wut game now?

oh wait there is one game.. FVCKING KZ2 c0ck eaters.
and they call themselves "videogamer" lol haha,PO-THE-DI!CK.

GrieverSoul3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

The greatest FPS of all time?


The best FPS in this generation?


Lets take COD4 example, its scored lower than Halo 3, it was better looking that Halo 3 and scored lower, its multiplayer was amazing and incredibly additive and scored lower than Halo 3.

Bottom line is, no matter how good a game is it will never score bigger than Halo 3. I myself never played Halo 3 but I played a lot o Halo 2 and didnt like it very much (even though it scored bigger than its sequel Halo 3). Its as good shooter but nothing more. For me CoD4 changed my gaming habits! I always defended that FPS belonged on the PC but CoD4 changed that for me. Halo 2 didnt!

Killzone 2 is shaped to be a great game, people are revewing it with the score it deserves, wich are very high! Even 8/10 is a good score! The question many ask should not be if Killzone 2 deserves higher marks, it should be as Halo 3 deserve the marks they gave to it?!

Timberland2K93543d ago

because there will always be new FPSs

BTW halo will catch up when it hits remake number 17

BRG90003543d ago

"That is a matter of opinion really."

Of course it is. If you're looking for a review without opinion, you're going to have trouble finding one. Seeing as someone's opinion is precisely what a review is.

In other news, the best FPS of all time? It's a close call between Half-Life and Half-Life 2.

Dark General3543d ago

Deus Ex would be the greatest of all time. At least in my humble opinion. And it's EXTREMELY hard to top it. It's why i never compare games to it. Unless someone compares a game to DE *looks at BioShock* will i then compare said game to Deus Ex.

LeShin3543d ago

"The question many ask should not be if Killzone 2 deserves higher marks, it should be as Halo 3 deserve the marks they gave to it?!"

I think you nailed it on the head with that comment. That's EXACTLY what I think the problem is. COD4 destroyed Halo 3 in every aspect yet it's marks were lower setting the tone for all other fps's which is silly. Fps fans aren't stupid. They will know if the game they play now is much better than the fps they played a few days/months/years back which is why they get pissed at seeing unjustified scores whether that is for COD4 or Killzone 2.

I don't many (if any) people who prefer Halo 3 over COD 4 and I know a LOT of PC fps players who have no idea what the big deal was over Halo 3.

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Snyph3r3543d ago

-Killzone 2 unleashes the power of the PS3 - nothing on any console comes close

So what is it..not the greatest FPS of all time but nothing on any console comes close?


Fishy Fingers3543d ago

Thats all subjective, what I hold to be the greatest FPS of all time would probably differ from yours, or Eurogamers etc etc

The joy of being human and not a mindless drone.

Sitdown3543d ago

be careful with your radical out the box thinking.

BRG90003543d ago

The greatest FPS of all time was on PC of course. =P

But anyway, I think he was just talking about graphics with that quote. I think everyone can agree it pretty much tops any console graphics to this point.

Beg For Mercy3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

marvelling at the most stunning, eye-catching war torn backgrounds and skylines your gaming eyes ever did see, makes Killzone 2 the best looking game ever made - a jaw dropping graphical showcase from start to finish. KILLZOWNED

Screenshots don't do the game justice - it's the best-looking game we've ever seen.

Sackdude3543d ago

those basterds , gave 10 to gears 2 , 9 to Cod 5 and L4D, WTF????

those games don't have the quality of killzone 2.

soooo much hate sooo much hate, stop the hating and the fanboyisem and let this gaming industry grow.

Sitdown3543d ago

that you are speaking to yourself? You want them to stop the hate because they did not give the game the score you thought they should...based on scores for other games? Hopefully you see the irony.

LeonSKennedy4Life3543d ago

The fact that they gave Gears of War of the MOST unpolished games I've ever played...a 10 is just sad. I really loved the campaign...but it doesn't make up for the terrible multi-player, pop-ins, and screen-tare.

soxfan20053543d ago

There is no worse fanboyism than judging a game that you have NEVER played, or criticizing a reviewers opinion of a game that they have played but you haven't. How does anyone here know what the quality of KZ2 is? NOBODY except the reviewers have played the whole game!

BRG90003543d ago

Bubbles taken from Sam and given to soxfan.

It's absurd to claim a game is way better than another when you haven't even played it. This reviewer has played the game extensively, which makes their opinion far more valid than yours. You can observe that their opinions are different from other critics, or that they don't agree to the previews posted by other journalists, but it's ridiculous to try to state it's a fact that this game is better than others and they are wrong.

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