PS3 Attitude | Cuboid Review

Majiesto of PS3 Attitude writes, "You never would have guessed it but Cuboid is quite addicting. There is great satisfaction when you move that block into position and hear the winning chime. Some of the more difficult puzzles, especially the later ones on Expert, can take upwards of twenty minutes each. Yikes! That's what I call dedication. Of course, it's going to be different for everyone but it definitely takes some thought and pre-planing if you want to get the best score..."

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No FanS Land3546d ago

this game at expert is F* insane! so much hard that sometimes I just couldn't believe it. Still I have all trophies except one which is playing 8 hours? nah gimme a break!

majiesto3546d ago

Yeah, the last few levels on Expert were crazy. I remember one of them took me around 1000 moves to finish.

No FanS Land3546d ago

27 and 28 drove me out of my mind.