Resident Evil 5 Demo Available on EU PS Store.

By entering the european Playstation Store, you can now download the Resident Evil 5 demo.

The demo contains 2 stages, playable in single player and co-op, both online and offline.

The download is 942 MB.

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mastemikegee3638d ago

u mean there is an option?

MegaMohsi3638d ago

you can play the demo by yourself, with a friend offline, or with someone online, they included the co-op part in the demo

mastemikegee3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

i want to be able to play alone. without a partner. without an AI partner!!

i thought the woman was an extra character u get to play with at one point in the game. not a must partner.

MegaMohsi3638d ago

nop, she's part of the game, you're a team with her. There might be some parts where you switch between the 2 but they are together the entire game.

morganfell3638d ago

It's up on the US Store already.

bassturd3638d ago

sux huh? You pretty much MUST HAVE a friend to play with. The AI is hopelessly stupid and the demo is pretty much you running for your life the entire time until you are either rescued or kill a boss type character for a key. The AI won't run, she stands there and fights and gets killed and you constantly have to call for her to run away.

Sux. If the entire game is like that, it is rather disappointing. The game is very fun but this single aspect ruins it completely for me. Guess I need to get a buddy to play the game with me otherwise it won't be any fun.

Kinda shocked I haven't heard more people complaining about it. People are whining about the controls, yet the controls are completely fine. I mean they give you 4 different layouts that all work well. I personally like Type D controls, being able to strafe and look around.

morganfell3638d ago

I don't mind AI partners. I just don't like it when

1 - You have to babysit AI partners. Here's your warm bottle Dom.

2 - AI does something incredibly dumb you can't prevent like open fire on a horde of enemies you were going to sneak past.

bassturd3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )


you played the demo yet? That is basically how the AI is. Dumb and you must babysit her the entire time. Hop online and play and it is fine if you have a good person playing with you but otherwise...going it alone seems futile.

She has 2 commands, protect you or attack. That's all you can do with her.

na2ru13638d ago

THe graphics are very fuzzy. And I also thought it would be 60fps after seeing the trailers that caused the racist onslaught.

I didn't mind the controls since i welcome the idea of games being different from one another. Will compare the both myself soon.

morganfell3638d ago

I did play it and I agree. The AI is quite stupid. I am DLing the PS3 version for visual comparisons. And I have the preorder paid off on the PS3. I played the 360 version and notice the only thing good about her is the way she looks. I had to revive her every time I turned around.

bassturd3638d ago

ya sux. Knowing me I'll get hyped up and buy it most likely but I hate that they did this to my beloved RE :(

Is she with you the ENTIRE game? I really hope not but I'm guessing she is. Guess I'll just try to get someone online to play with me while I make my way thru the game. So far tho, people are pretty terrible online. I can tell they have played before cuz they know to open certain doors and things and boost and all that. Yet they choose to stand in front of the chainsaw guy and get killed...I don't get it....

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stix0793638d ago

just downloading it now, i have played it on the xbox a few month back and loved it.

monkey6023638d ago

I got this on the 360 a little while ago but since I was planning to buy this on PS3 anyway I think I'll download the demo again and compare the two. Not that I think there is going to be any difference

morganfell3638d ago

Regardless of what people say, there is always a difference. I am downloading it now and will flip back and forth and have a look as well.

joemayo763638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

Normally i could careless bout which has an extra pixel here or there but i was like wtf i'll try it for this game....
Did split screeen on my TV both HDMI connections for ps3 and 360
PS3 looks little less greenish (dont kno if thats a plus or minus guess its preferential)
as for the detail level both are on par, went to the same spots that were highlighted a few weeks ago showin the ps3 demo(JPN demo disk ver.) and Xbox. where the PS3 version looked horrendous, well good news is they're now equal looks like Capcom was telling the truth bout having them both run the same.
360 ver.does have better shooting controls (triggers) other than that i prefer TYPE C ps3 controls closest you'll get to classic RE layout unless they add custom option

monkey6023638d ago

For the first time ever I found the online to be a lot smoother on a PS3 version of a game. I kept getting disconnected when on the 360 last week but the game is running flawlessly on the PS3 now. I feel more at home with the PS3 version to be honest and I'm going to go with that.
The 5 gig install is a bit of a b!tch though

TheColbertinator3638d ago

I just tried it out.Its weird....but I feel disappointed

Kufi-3638d ago

yeah controld are terrible. really i hope they will fix it

TheColbertinator3638d ago

The controls,atmosphere lacked horror,and it wasn't even that thrilling like RE4.

As a huge RE fan since its early days,I'm sad to say its not as good as RE4 or even does anything new.

Strangely enough I think they should make RE5 on the Wii so that way I can use the Wiimotes or the Gamecube controller.

Are_The_MaDNess3638d ago

it has been up 4 like 3h lol
nice tho lol looks good
havent yet found the time 2 try it tho lol

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