IncGamers: Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage Review

IncGamers' Marcus Holland takes a look at the DLC for one of last years biggest games.

An excerpt:
"The first thing you will notice is that the muted palette of the desolate Fallout 3 landscapes has been replaced by one of frozen whites, blues and grey. That is not to say that the initial impact of Anchorage is a bad one, however; the opening vistas and traversing of cliff sides is really quite spectacular. However, the linearity of the levels soon becomes apparent and it's is one of the major letdowns of the game."

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Leord3546d ago

Disappointed. But what can you do when the original Fallout was so otherworldly good?

Maticus3546d ago

That's the trouble when you have a game that is so good, how do you follow?

AndyA3546d ago

Not the most generous expansion by the sound of it.

Dorjan3546d ago

Hmm, sounds OK but not worth running out and getting