The Gelatinous Cube: Alien Shooter - Vengeance Review

The Gelatinous Cube writes: "The 'Shooter' series has been around for a while. Developer Sigma Team hasn't been straying very far from the formula, either. In Alien Shooter - Vengeance, you are tasked with exterminating an alien threat. You do this from an isometric view similar to Diablo. The graphics are decent, and moderate PCs should be able to handle it. My 2-year old HP laptop choked during intense moments… and the game is 90% tense moments.

You start by choosing a character from a roster of men and women. Each one has slightly different stats in various physical attributes like strength or speed, or weapon proficiencies. As you complete tasks you will gain levels. Each time you level up, you get 5 points to spend on any attribute you like. Pro Tip: Focus on a couple areas in which you want to excel. More on that later."

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