Xbox 360 Slim Likely?

GiantGamer debates over the possibility of a new slim version of the Xbox 360.
"So why would Microsoft release a slim version? The slim version would sell like hotcakes, and would be cheaper to manufacture. Consumers these days strive for deals, the way to get something cheaper but with the same experience and enjoyment. Manufacturers and businesses strive for more money in these hard economic times. Company's these days would like some extra money floating in their pockets, we all know it."

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Helghast Slayer3572d ago

I just want them to fix the RROD, disk scraching and E7 error dilemmas and then i'll buy a 360. These are the major issues holding me back from buying a 360 and enjoying Gears 1 & 2

Tidus113572d ago

Hey H. slayer if you have a decent computer give Gears 1 a shout, it is definitely worth it.

ShadowGunner93572d ago

Yea once they fix the problem with the Digital Certificate:

cryymoar3572d ago

they can make a slim model when the PSU is ALREADY OUTSIDE of the unit! that makes no sense.
That's why the slim PS2 is significantly, well, slimmer, because the PSU lays on the floor behind the table or desk or entertainment center.

Helghast Slayer3572d ago

Hmm seems the 360 loyalists would rather me stay away from the 360. Oh well they can eat a nice smelly turd for all i care. Who disagrees with something a comment that projects my interest in a certain console?

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big shadow3572d ago

first they should fix the 360 that's out right now then think about a 360 slim

Lifendz3572d ago

How can we even talk about a slim sku when the regular sku is still overheating?

I don't know how MS got to this point after making the original xbox which as about as solid as a system could get in terms of reliability. One time my 14 year old cousin actually stepped on my xbox and it worked just fine.

The 360, however, is just laughably faulty. Launch skus, newers skus, elite skus, limited skus, etc keep getting RROD or other problems. I have to pay to play games online? I have to pay to get rechargeable batteries? I have to pay to use MS' standard HDD rather than buy one of my choosing? I have to pay to get a Wifi adapter? Holy smokes.

God help gamers everywhere if Sony does go under like many stories lately are claiming they will. I don't want to game in a world where MS nickle and dimes me on every little thing while simultaneously providing me with a faulty system.

ShadowGunner93572d ago

Yes I do agree, but seriously, Microsoft actually helping the Consumer? Come on.

CrippleH3572d ago

Slim models heat up a lot more.
They better completely whip out the heating issues before going slim because if they don't it will be mishap.

HighDefinition3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

They can`t put all that crap that close together. It would BLOW UP the first time you turned it on.

Kushan3572d ago

Actually, when you look inside a 360, the biggest part of it is the DVD drive. I mean the heatsink is bloody huge as well, but if jasper (or possibly the next revision) is cool enough, Microsoft could get away with a smaller heatsink. Throw in a laptop DVD-drive and you could definitely slim the whole thing down a bit, the only problem I can see is the hard drive - it'd either need a new design, or stick on the side of it or something.

Contrary to popular belief, the RROD isn't actually caused by OVERheating, it's caused by the constant heating/cooling of the console, which is why bigger heatsinks help (Since it heats up less). If Microsoft could fix the problem at the core (the joints that are coming loose due to this heating/cooling effect), then a slim is definitely possible.

Or hell, they could create an entirely new motherboard design all together.

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