Resident Evil Demo now available on Japanese Playstation Store

Resident Evil Demo now available for download on the Japanese Playstation Store. The demo is 942MB.

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chaosatom3547d ago

cool i will take a look.

Although I would have no idea with japanese tutorial.

TheHater3547d ago

I was just on the Japanese Playstation store and notice it. So I thought I would let everyone else know about it :)

chaosatom3547d ago

It's nice to have some news that matters.

PixlSheX3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

942mb for a japanese demo..
Waiting for the english version..

Edit: oh thanks. Downloading now.

PirateThom3547d ago

It's entirely in English.

Xulap3547d ago

It's in english.
The menu and audio... If your PS3 is in english.

itagaki3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Why does the 360 get a demo in the US and PS3 only get's a Japanese demo almost a week later? Epic fail by Sony.... They need to step it up!

chaosatom3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

It's capcom's fault not sony.

IMPRESSIONS: The controls are ok. You can get use to it. As far as the graphics go, they ok too, not like OMG or anything.

So i did find the demo a little hard, since i ran out of ammo, and had to clue about reload and stuff. Second, u have to give partner help and ammos if playing alone, so it's kinda of annoying.

U quickly turn a 360 by down analog + X to make life easier.
Playing with a friend is going to much more enjoyable, i have to try that.

I do miss the briefcase somewhat.

Edit: ok the Chick is super annoying. Giving health, ammo. and the Enemy was just standing there.

It's really hard to move around in cornered places.

It's gets so claustrophic. OMG.

incogneato3547d ago

Wow I just played the demo and I am severely disappointed. I can't believe Capcom thinks they can give us nothing more than an HD version of RE4 and get away with it.

This entire game could have been done last gen. The physics, graphics, animations, controls, etc. are mediocre at best. The controls ruin what little fun could have been had with this game.

Funniest part is it will get perfect scores, taking into account reviewers patterns this gen.

fanboi hater3547d ago

everything in this game is meh... graphics (not bad, but not amazing), gameplay. It's not that enjoyable due to the controls which in my opinion are quite bad. I feel it is hard to really control anything. Oh well not a bad game but i wont be picking it up maybe a rent though.

InMyOpinion3547d ago

The 360 demo is only 472Mb. I wonder why?

Marcello3547d ago

Downloading now from EU store.

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edwineverready3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

it when i come back from my job.

Sev3547d ago

Just to let everyone know, it's the exact same demo that is on the Special White PS3 demo disc in Japan.
I have the disc, and the demo is exactly 942MB as well.

I was hoping that the PSN demo was a better/newer build of the one I played on the special white demo, which was god awful. Graphics were disappointing, and the controls were clunky.

The Hunter3547d ago

But i think i wait for the English demo version, or i play both. mwa i see.

fanboi hater3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

i was worried too but its all in english so dl and enjoy

PirateThom3547d ago

Downloading now, but I have low expectations.

resistance1003547d ago

I played it already on my 360. I was really disapointed, still i guess it frees some money in my budget for Halo Wars or Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection

PirateThom3547d ago

Heh, I've had Mega Drive Collection on pre-order for a few months now!

PirateThom3547d ago

Even my low expectations weren't met.

The controls are horrendously bad, the aiming sucks and apart from looking pretty nice, it all feels dated.

Megaton3547d ago

Downloading now, ditto on the expectations. I didn't really get into 4 either. 2 is still my favorite of the series.

Why dis3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

You had/have low expectations because you bad mouthed this game for whatever reasons ;)

chasegamez23547d ago


Megaton3547d ago

The controls really are downright terrible. Be moar Dead Space.

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FreedomPhantom3547d ago

im downlaoding right now WOOOO