Cubed3 : Zubo Review

Matthew Gastrian Evans writes "If it's one thing I've learnt about reviews, through reading those of others and writing my own, it's that it is easy to write a good review about a bad game and very easy to write a bad review about a good game. It has very little to do with the writer's talent and very much to do with the audience. Much like the patrons of a Roman Coliseums the modern forum dweller merely bays for blood. Yes, you may have aspirations for a higher and more civilised way of thinking but ultimately its our scathing attacks, our cruel barbs and our vicious, wounding comments that you crave. With awful games these come in abundant quantity and we dedicate more time insulting the game for its failures than analysing it. Good games though provide little material for mocking and thus you lose attention. What does this have to do with EA's colourful new game? Audience."

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