XGN: Killzone 2 Review writes: "Killzone 2 is the title in 2009 seems so far away was when Sony delayed the game in 2007. PlayStation 3 owners looking forward to this incredible exclusive title, but I know the Killzone 2 hype into reality?"

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UnSelf3549d ago

These scores r wonderful, I hope someone is keepin track of all dis praise

KillzoneKid3549d ago

u have N4G meta

and metacritic

Maddens Raiders3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

will go down as the best shooter of all time.


KillzoneKid3549d ago

agreed due

but where is Mart/POG aka WHY DIS/Giant Crab?

seriously i hope that old man doesnt have a heart attack

N4360G3549d ago

LOL I feel sorry for him,it must hurt him to see Killzone 2 getting 9's and 10's everywhere.Another great score and review for Killzone 2.I can't wait to play the beast known as Killzone 2 on my PS3 next month!!

3549d ago
Maddens Raiders3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

flexes its muscles [@KILLZONE KID] and runs these old 360 stlawarts off the sight. Marty lurks in the forum dungeon now, because his arguments have been completely deconstructed and broken'll remember the "old Bot greats" (and I say that as a compliment) like, TheRealDeal, Elite Gamer, Jayda2kballa, Daytona, FKNUnbelievable, THAMMER1, POG, and others...they have all evacuated...even the hangers on like Firstknight and assassyn360 hold onto their bubbles and arguments to no avail, because people don't even pay attention anymore.

It saddens me to a degree, because those were the real, real glory days of N4G...when nothing was given and everything was fought for with blood and treasure. But leave it to Sony to find a way to come through as usual....guess I better make more room on my PSN friends list.


eagle213548d ago

EPIC post! 10/

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Return Of The Bad Gu3549d ago

Killzone 2 haters,where you @?I've got some Crow for you right here

KillzoneKid3549d ago

cuz Killzone 2 is better than all games on their platform

Liquid Snake3549d ago

i don't know Killzonekid.... That Viva Pinata game looks pretty tempting



KillzoneKid3549d ago


Man not one of them is even seen here at N4G

I call this latent fear

expect more pwnage tomorrow when more KZ2 perfect/near perfect reviews come in

N4360G3549d ago

LOL they have all been KillzOWNED!!

Sarcasm3549d ago

Who cares about Killzone 2 when you have Lips, Banjo Kazooie, and You're in the movies!


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Bathyj3549d ago

Probably playing with his namesake.

Or ritual suicide, if we're lucky.

NegativeCreep4273549d ago

for his mother to finish making dinner: Pop-Tarts with Ketchup on top.

Liquid Snake3549d ago

i heard for breakfast he eats deep fried Fruit Loops.

Gerry Mark II3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

I ALSO heard that instead of butter, pp spreads sh!t on his toast.


(Did i go too far?)

gunnerheadboy3549d ago

@ Gerry Mark II :

Yup, that's disgusting :P.

But it's pp, who always does something disgusting :D.

BLuKhaos3548d ago

Didn't you guys hear?That kid that got raped the other day by that some dude he met on XBL was pp.

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Says you3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Has doen that before? cause if three isn't one then Killzone 2 will be the first or if their has been it will be the second one!! and T Jani Microsoft is last not Sony considering they keep counting all around the world the same people that had theirs broken or warranty expired or house on fire or stolen or bought more then one XBox 360 just in case their first one breaks

and then Microsoft would count the same people all around the world as part of there userbase as the 28 million remember that.