Planet Playstation (German) Killzone 2 Review

Killzone 2 review from Planet PlayStation (Ger)

Best Graphics ever
Incomparable "film" Feeling
Fast Paced Multiplayer mode

No Coop mode
Secondary weapon not freely selectable

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Timberland2K94455d ago

Great no game is perfect these scores are just right

Timberland2K94455d ago

Who lowered my grade hey no everyone is gonna give 10s as much as i want them too

Maddens Raiders4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

is crushing planets.

lol @ negatives....those are so acceptable....GO KILLZOWN GO!

Can't wait to see the SuperBowl commercial (hopefully)

CrazzyMan4455d ago

IF HL3 won`t have co-op, it won`t be a masterpiece too?
Anyway, good score, but this game is not just GREAT, it`s a MASTERPIECE. =)

badz1494455d ago

I agree! co-op is like a must for gamers nowadays but when HL2 didn't have co-op I didn't hear people bragging about it! I knew that reviewers will drag score from KZ2 just for that very reason but still, it was not a problem for HL2 and even CoD4! these reviewers need to be consistent or their opinions will only be seen as biased!

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Return Of The Bad Gu4455d ago

AAA baby,damn it feels good not to own a _ _ _ _ box

Skyreno4455d ago

oh MY GOD WHATS With co-op >>>>???? does it have to be planted every fps game comon this game does not need co-op, will be cool if it did but really doesnt need it ..callduty 4 doesnt have co-op so why this game should either

Moe_OwnZ4455d ago

ME too man

i've never enjoyed playing a single player campaign with half a screen, but however an online coop would be nice.
i dont get why reviewers are complaing about coop like... it can easily be patched :S

"Secondary weapon not freely selectable" well no S*** that adds more realism to the game unlike the first resistance when u could carry 12 weapons at a time made the game really easy :S

Graphics Whore4455d ago

It's being con'd for lack of co-op? How is it being rated on something that it doesn't have, how does that make sense exactly? lol.

Anyway, Co-op is being added later anyhow so I'm not really worried about nit-picking.

edwineverready4455d ago

Confirmed by guerrilla games.

Shane Kim4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

This is exactly what I am thinking of. It should be more focus in what the game DO have and wether it fails to deliver on that front or not. Not by giving a game lower score just because it doesn't have it. This is like rating GT5:P lower, for not having damage. It's BS. Anyways 9.1 is a awesome score even though we all know this game deserves better,

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The story is too old to be commented.