Collider Review: Creat Studios Invades Playstation Network Games

Paul Stuart writes: "One thing is for certain: Russia-based development house Creat Studios has never been a stickler for the rules.

To elaborate, arguably no game studio – much less a midsize one – has as varied a production portfolio in recent memory than these folks from St. Petersburg (by way of Canton, Mass). With any risk taking, however, comes both reward and failure. Sales figures and/or critical review of Creat Studios titles are often a mixed bag.

The little Russian studio that could chugga-chugga's onward via three more non-traditional game offerings, this time on the Playstation Network (PSN): 'Cuboid,' 'Mahjong Tales,' and 'Magic Ball.' Each very distinct in their own right, all coming in at ten bucks a pop on what is quickly becoming a robust, minigame PSN landscape."

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