148Apps Review: Tic A Tac Poker

Tic A Tac Poker comes with three games that all build on the basic premise of combining poker with tic-tac-toe. You are dealt cards and need to lay them out in a 3×3 grid to form poker hands in one of 8 different lines (down, across, diagonal). The better the hand, the higher your score. The different variations of game are described by the developer as:

Tic A Tac Poker

Make as many 3 card poker hands as you can. You get more points for the harder levels (less discards).

Draw Poker

Play 3 or 5 card draw poker head to head against the dealer. Winner of each hand gets to place a card on the game board. Win points by making as many poker hands as you can.

Poker Challenge

Play against the clock as you make the winning poker hand before time runs out.

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