BOMB Review: Lumines Supernova

BOMB writes: "Do you find yourself looking for the next great puzzle challenge? Have you been known to spend hours and hours dropping shaped blocks into rows in an effort to clear away the lines faster than they can build to the top of the screen? Then this may be the next game for you… More inside…

The object of this game is of course to maneuver the constantly dropping blocks so that you can clear away the blocks on the screen, faster than they can build up, in order to keep playing as long as possible. Each phase of this game gives you two distinct colors patterns at a time. The blocks drop in four square that you turn and move side to side in an effort to place them in a manner that will allow you to clear away other blocks like them… sound familiar? Well that is where the familiarity ends. The two dimensional board your working with is wider and shorter than most of these style games. The blocks, rather than remaining stationary when you drop them them leaving holes, will come apart to fill in any open space below them. As you get the blocks into the desired position for removal a constantly roving vertical line moving from the left of the screen to the right of the screen will clear away any groupings completed as it passes over them. The desired grouping for removal begins as four square of the same color but this can be expanded by two squares on any side or by surrounding the corner of one grouping by another three blocks of the same color. Beware, if you complete a grouping at the same time as the clearing line passes over it, only the part on the right side of the line will disappear."

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