Should Microsoft give Windows 7 away for free?

Everyone has recognized that Windows 7 is "Vista done right." So should Microsoft just give the OS away for free?

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outlawlife3573d ago

interesting idea, it will never happen but is is a good read

windows 7 is very nice, ill give credit where it is due, it is a very nice OS still has some issues but i love it

when i build a new pc i'll probably win widnows 7 if i can find the heart to actually finally leave XP pro after all of these years

Maddens Raiders3573d ago

anything away for free, it should be the 360.

But continue to charge for the online service of course. lol

T3L3PROOF3573d ago

Knowing how greedy microsoft is they will probably make you pay a s**t load.

Dark_Vendetta3573d ago

Sounds really smart. Investing a few billions in an OS and giving it for free to the costumers. Why haven't I had this idea earlier?

thats_just_prime3573d ago

They should give it to vista users for free if not they should sell it to them for 50 dollars

blind-reaper3573d ago

or just call it Vista Service Pack SP#... but it wont happen

ThanatosDMC3573d ago

i actually thought Windows 7 was just gonna be an update for vista. Guess, i was wrong.

player9113572d ago

I heard something about MS giving away Windows 7 to Vista owners... or a heavily discounted upgrade rate.

Windows 7 is in beta.

The first Vista beta resembled XP. The first Win7 beta resembles Vista. Just because the first beta of Windows 7 resembles Vista doesn't mean it should be deemed as Vista SP2.

By the time Win7 is released it will be a pretty heavy upgrade. Even in beta... a lot of the apps are already heavily updated. Having been using Win7 for a couple months, it is very addicting. I can rest assured that upgrading was a sure win in my book.

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butbutbuttehcell3573d ago

The probability of this is zero

Huh3573d ago

how were you able to type f r 3 3 and microsoft in the same sentence it doesnt work for me

caffman3573d ago

i've had plenty of free stuff from microsoft.

Bubble Buddy3573d ago

huh: Microsoft gives free RRoD's. All my friends including my brother got one all for FREE $0.

*runs and hides*

Drekken3573d ago

Caffman, do tell. I would love to get a nice cup of hot chocolate and listen to your fairy tale around a camp fire with the group.

FantasyStar3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

MPU, that's all you need to know.

caffman3572d ago

about 22 XBLA games (over various times you get free games for various reasons. I got 10 because I just filled a form in!)
so many themes and gamerpics I can't even begin to count (if you just look at whats new out you can find them easily)
5 HD-DVDs (Before the cries of DEAD FORMAT!!!!!! I know but a HD movie is a HD movie and why pay £20 for serenity when I got it for free. Once again all I had to do was send in a receipt)
Now what have I got from Sony? Nothing. Not a sausage. My mate got a free blu-ray off them so I know they do give stuff out but there you go

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Leio3573d ago

If its not better than XP then i´ll get it for free ;)

outlawlife3573d ago

piracy shouldn't be advocated under any circumstance

Foxgod3573d ago

Try the beta, its way better then xp, i have xp and w7 dual boot, everytime i switch back to xp i have to let my eyes get used to the blurry mess.

Windows7 is crisp and clean, and its responsive time is way better then xp.

SaiyanFury3573d ago

I have the W7 beta but I'm waiting on the arrival of a new HDD before I can install it. I've used W7 on my brother in law's PC that I installed it on and I was duly impressed. Faster response time than XP and once I got used to the navigation, which took all of 5 minutes, I loved it. I'm still curious how games will perform on Windows 7.

killzone2flop3573d ago

Let me take a wild guess who's asking it for free........Sony droids (Cheap B*stards).

outlawlife3573d ago

this really has nothing to do with sony

it is people who purchased vista which upon the release of windows 7 will probably be dropped

LeonSKennedy4Life3573d ago

Yeah...because PS3's are cheap.

Grow up.

psnSkareFace3573d ago

microsoft do something for free thats funny, thats so funny i cant control myself

outlawlife3573d ago

it wont happen but if they did do it they would get all kinds of positive pr rubs

Theoneneo813573d ago

What the heck does ps3 have to do with windows 7 id say 90 percent of the ps3 users are pc users

outlawlife3573d ago

absolutely nothing, but trying to prove ps3 supremacy means anything involving microsoft means we must inject something into it about a game console

CyberSentinel3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

How about giving away all your Ziff davis magazines for free?

The same information can be googled and/or found on competing websites, (Cnet-Gamespot) including your own. (ZDnet-PCmag-EGM)
So why should anyone subscribe/pay for your magazines?

Of course that didn't stop you from expecting people to pay for it.

Blind Hypocritical Lemmings, Practice Before You Preach.

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