Final Fantasy XIII: details

In a recent interview in the Japanese magazine Gemaga, the dev team working Final Fantasy XIII on PlayStation 3 directed by Tetsuya Nomura said that the designer of the combat system of Final Fantasy XIII will be the same person who already worked on Final Fantasy X, namely Toshiro Tsuchida, also known as the creator of Front Mission. In addition, Tetsuya Nomura gives some small details concerning the very mysterious Mister 33 cm (image), a still unknown character who was revealed at the time of Jump Festa 2007 in Tokyo. This character in the name of a strange code, corresponding to the size of his feet, will be wild while being heroic, and he will have a very amusing figthing style. It is not yet known though if he is an ally or an enemy. More information will be revealed on this character soon.

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timmyp534253d ago

hopefully he is an ally.