Raiden IV Coming to the U.S.!

On the 2/26/2007 episode of the Team Fremont Live podcast, Product Manager for UFO Interactive, Chong Ahn, came on to discuss the upcoming North American release of Raiden III for the PlayStation 2.

In addition, Mr. Ahn let slip that UFO Interactive is currently working on a domestic release of the arcade title Raiden IV, which they plan on releasing stateside for the Xbox 360. He stated that it has yet to be decided whether the game will be a retail release or downloadable through the Xbox Live Arcade, but the thought of another solid shooter with achievements and leaderboard support is exciting news for shmup fans starved for quality domestic releases.

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jpod4341d ago

Raiden 4 alreadY!? that is some interesting news. been waiting on raiden 3 forever now too. nice that it is out next month.