Gamepro (Germany) Killzone 2 review.

The reviewer writes :-

"Killzone 2 sets early and powerful enables you going into the middle of the war. Then, kept the pace throughout.However, this is also a small problem. While other shooters during the course of the season ever further increase remains Killzone 2 on a level. Only towards the end of the intensity is again tightened. Also not so thrilling: the almost 7 hours with relatively short season. But given the technical perfection, you can ignore.Killzone 2 is one of the games, the PS3 does not in any collection are missing and should be a real reason to buy console."

NOTE : scorecard is posted on the 5th page


Other scores from the site

MGS4 - 90
Halo 3 - 92
Newest Zelda game - 94

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KillzoneKid3574d ago

Now is that time

gone are the days where people doubted Killzone 2

Now are the days of CROW EATING for skeptics and rejoice for PS3 fans and PS2 fans who are still on the fence of buying a PS3

Witness the rise of the GOD OF ALL FPS

onomix3574d ago

Have you forgot about Half-Life 2, Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Wolfenstein 3D, Halo: Combat Evolved, Perfect Dark and Goldeneye 007?

gambare3574d ago

they were good on their time, but now it's Killzone time.

buy a ps33574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

where once the FPS gods but Killzone 2 has risen up and smashed them all out of the sky.

JHUX3573d ago

Let me clarify, if it's going to be "god of fps", rephrase it to "god of CONSOLE FPS", then you are set.

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Spike473574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Call of Duty 4 like Killzone 2 build on their success because they are simply great in all fields unlike other FPS.

That PS mag you stated gave it an 8/10 yeah, but I could post 10 other sites and mags that gave it 9-10 scores.

KillzoneKid3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

It has 95% at Gamestats

95% at meta based on 14 reviewers


halo killer

COD4 killed halo ages ago


yep on feb 2nd more 10s would be incoming

SONY never does any special deal. thats MS who sent reviewers 800$ halo 3 package

do take some chill pills

cuz a lot of 10s are incoming for KZ2

but what about Halo wars????

everyone report all his comments as SPAM

no site had any special deal with SONY. SONY asked some sites to inform them about the review scores of KZ2. Some responded . Some didnt . eg Eurogamer(responded). IGN (didnt)

a lot of 9.5s and 10s are incoming for KZ2

i hope u dont suffer a heart attack on 2nd

Omega43574d ago

Well i suggest you wait for Feb 2 for the rest of the reviews, you know the ones which DIDN'T get a 'special' deal with Sony ;)

LeonSKennedy4Life3574d ago

Because obviously Sony would pay for 9/10's.

They couldn't pony up the extra buck for a 10/10???

You're so smart.

redsquad3574d ago

Oh gawwwd! You can't argue with haters.
After the glowing previews it was: "Just wait for the reviews - the truth will come out"

After the glowing reviews in official mags it was: "They're biased - Wait for the unofficial reviews - the truth will come out"

After the glowing unofficial reviews from Europe it was: "Who are they? Just wait for the IGN and Gamepro reviews - the truth will ocme out"

After the IGN and Gamepro reviews were glowing it was: "They've been paid off - Just wait for the US reviews - the truth will come out."

What next? If the US reviews are glowing will you shut up, or will it be back to "Well MAXIM didn't rate it well"?

IT'S A GREAT GAME. Either accept it & move on or wallow in a hole of jealousy & self pity, but I can tell you one thing: Not one single nasty, snide and just plain ignorant remark posted here will make one iota of difference to just how brilliant KZ2 is.

Basically, all these new insults, 'witty' remarks and put-downs being trotted out to diminish this game are achieving nothing. Literally nothing. Sad that people feel the need to waste their valuable time in such a destructive manner.

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tatotiburon3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

jesus nasim is back.

Halo Killer haha yeah right


COD4 outsold Halo 3? not and a lot of people move to COD5 while Halo 3 keeps as one of the most FPS played online, with only 3 games the halo series sold more than 28 millions units around the world, COD4 in meta 94% the same of halo 3, and the cod series never had the impact of the halo you fail. halo killer LMAO

LeonSKennedy4Life3574d ago

Despite sales and reviews...

...which game is really better?

I dare you to try out Killzone 2 and tell me which one is better...because Halo 3 sucks balls. Admit to something for once. Halo 3 is not that good. It's extremely generic.

RememberThe3573574d ago

The quality level left Halo after the first installment. The franchise is mediocre at best now, and has failed to grow with the times.

redsquad3574d ago

so once again, 'sales' always equates with quality?

TITANIC must be your favourite movie then....

macalatus3574d ago

COD4 was NEVER a Halo Killer...

The glorious 360 exclusive Red Ring of Death was...and still is, the Halo Killer!

memots3573d ago

The only reason reason Halo3 is the top played game is because beside Gear and cod4 or 5 there is nothing else to play on the 360.

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