Leaked LBP schedule reveals Arcade Pack, patch release dates

PlayStation LifeStyle found a small schedule in the background of Media Molecule's Flickr page that they have interpretted to show the release dates of upcoming patches for the game.

In addition to the already released Roquefort, and details about the patches we knew were coming (Jarlsberg, Edam, Cornish Yarg, and Leerdammer) - PSLS uncovered a new patch called Stinking Bishop. This patch includes an Arcade Pack (DLC).

Possibly most exciting, the decoded information reveals that "ONLINE CREATE" in confirmed as part of the Cornish Yarg patch, expected in mid-February along with new tutorials and other create functionality.

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Cajun Chicken4524d ago

Aggggggggggghhhhhhh!!!!!! *head-a-splode due to awesomeness*

StalkingSilence4524d ago

I'm with you... I found a few other less noteworthy thing in the background of their Flickr shots.

Cajun Chicken4524d ago

Surely they did that on purpose, thats like the giveaways to R&C and Resistance in Insomniacs 'Ballz' job recruitment video.

StalkingSilence4524d ago

I just want to know what the arcade pack is - we also know we'll be getting DLC in the form of artist created levels. I think we'll see X-game Athlete-created levels available in DLC form as part of that promotion as well.

MisterNiwa4524d ago

Maybe its a Patch that adds a new function that lets u make an 2D looking Map where ur Sackboy + Stage turns into the second dimension instead of the third dimension.. !? xD
Well when you go to the Level Editor you can change to such an option... :o

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Johnny Rotten4524d ago

man you can't get anything past anybody on the net can you. LOL

4524d ago