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An extract from the Pop Them, Drop Them SameGame review by WiiWare World:

"SameGame is a bit of an unusual one. It was first created way back in 1985, but was never really all that popular. Nevertheless, it went on to spawn a large number of clones and remakes over the years, with Hudson's effort being the latest.

The basic concept of SameGame is quite simple. You are presented with a large grid filled with blocks of varying colours. Your job is to eliminate every single one of these blocks by matching them up with other blocks of the same colour. The catch is that you can't actually move any blocks yourself, the only way to move them is by selecting an already existing group of similarly coloured blocks and making them disappear, dropping all blocks above down a number of spaces. The larger a group is when you make it vanish, the more points you get.

As you can imagine clearing the whole screen is quite a task, it's very easy to be left with just one block of a certain colour, meaning there's no way to make it disappear, because the minimum amount of blocks you need to destroy a group is two. When you're left with no more possible moves, you instantly lose. If you clear everything the game doesn't end, the screen will be completely refilled. This, of course, goes on until you fail to clear a screen."

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