PS3 exclusive Steambot Chronicles 2 still in development

Irem updated the official website for Steambot Chronicles(Bumpy Trot in Japan) 2 recently, indicating that the title is still very much alive and in development. The site was updated with some new screenshots, though information outside of that is still slim. The sequel to the PS2 2005 sandbox action title, Steambot Chronicles 2 was first announced at E3 2006, though the title went MIA for nearly the last 2 years.

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mirroredderorrim3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Oh, sh!t!! Irem is still around?!


DrWan3573d ago

yah they r releasing a crap ass game digging gold or something..a remake. hope this one is better

shadowfox3573d ago

Spelunker HD is what you're thinking of. They are also working on Disaster Report PSP.

Steambot 1 was really good, hopefully this one will be as good.

PixlSheX3573d ago

Steambot 1 was FUN as HELL.

mirroredderorrim3573d ago

I want Spelunker HD so bad...

Freakwave0033573d ago

Steambot Chronicles was a great game.

Canary3573d ago

Steambot Chronicles was a FANTASTIC game, and SBC2 is the RPG I'm looking forward to the most on the PS3.

Well, maybe WKC, too... but it's certainly the only game I KNOW will be awesome.

mastiffchild3573d ago

Wasn't there some story about this over Xmas -culled from Famitsu? I can't find where I saw it but I recall it being pretty positive about both the game and a 2009/early2010 release.

I do hope I'm not going mad as I'd love to see if they can pull it off again.

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