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The renown italian website has just published its single-player review of Killzone 2. There is no score since the website made the huge step to abandon scores in favour of actual, text-based opinions, but nonetheless it's worth the read and it praises the game a lot.

"Killzone 2 sank deeply rooted in the tradition of first-person shooter, but it also differs dramatically. The mission structure, the controls (except for the covers), the mechanism for the team and the linearity of progression are borrowed from many previous successes, but in its tactical and realistic approach that differs from competitors, of course, thanks, above all, to the amazing artificial intelligence that animates the enemy and that makes them almost live on their own, managing to bring a level of challenge is extremely high, but consistent and exciting because the result of achieving a level of excellence by the Guerrilla in this field.
Beyond the incredible and impeccable technical sector, beyond the convincing performance of a war, beyond almost all those that have been discussed for months on the net about this game (animations, physics, texture...), in response to the question that we opened with, Killzone 2 is not only a game with the "G" capitalized, but it is also the new meter in comparison with regard to the shooters on consoles."

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nominal2663640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

I love how they don't give a number. Keeps things fair IMO.

EDIT: This is by far the best part: "The exploratory component is almost entirely absent in Killzone 2. Getting lost is impossible, as well as wasting time wandering on the scene searching for the right way to go, but, as ever in this game, the choice is perfectly appropriate: it is the clash with the Helghast and their amazing adaptability to our tactics and actions of the heart and everything that eliminates unnecessary downtime is not only welcome but also a sign of intelligence and honesty on the part of developers." I completely agree. Well put!

Alexious3640d ago

Thanks. Scores aren't really needed imho, they only fuel stupid fanboyistic wars between games. There will always be harsh debate over a score, regardless of what it is, whilst with an opinion you can just disagree without too much trouble at all.

Also, the author had actually the guts to clearly say that this is the new shooters' meter on consoles, which very few reviewers did even with perfect ratings.

Giriath3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

It is indeed commendable that they do not issue scores. They are completely subjective and the opposite of what a review should be. Impressions should be left as impressions as they do not necessarily apply the same to everyone.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3640d ago

Sounds AMAZING!!! ;-P

n/a = 10/10 in Italian!!! ;-D

Foxgod3640d ago

Actually it means not applicable.

lokiroo4203640d ago

For christs sake foxgod, stop trying, that was a funny a$$ joke.

redsquad3640d ago

Foxgod, PS3 owners do have a sense of humour, despite what you may think!

heroicjanitor3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

Every site on the internet may harm my computer... Try searching for something. Then join me as we lead humanity to self-destruction because the internet has been taken over by aliens.

Edit: God dammit just google something and tell me what it says because now I think it's just me. Does every site say this site may harm your computer under it?

Edit: Thank God someone with half a brain... Yeah I think it's just google's malicious site database on the fritz, hopefully it'll be fixed soon

Alexious3640d ago

Yeah, right, good spamming.

ThaGeNeCySt3640d ago

it started happening to me just now when i was searching something on google through firefox... what's going on??

Sheddi3640d ago

I get that too!
Its annoying as hell!
bad move by google.

heroicjanitor3640d ago

It's fixed now. It lasted about half an hour a bit long for google's standards

Alexious3640d ago

Ok, sorry, I later had this problem too.

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