Off the Radar: Rock Revolution

Console Monster writes: "Over the Christmas period I'm sure we were all playing the likes of Guitar Hero: World Tour and Rock Band 2, but you may remember Konami revealed they would be releasing their own music video game known as Rock Revolution.

The game was first revealed in May 2008 and we saw more of the game at E3 2008 a few months later. The E3 footage was, to put it a nice way, fairly poor. Sheenas, a Ramones tribute band, played Blitzkrieg Bop. Not only was it a deprived cover, but the lead singer's hand actions… well, I'll leave you to form your own opinion. The bassist in the band then went on to play guitar on Rock Revolution, assisted with an expert drummer. To put it simply, she was horrid. She looked like she was playing on easy, and possibly worst of all, she was using a Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock guitar controller. Oh dear Konami!..."

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