Softpedia Feature: Mirror's Edge in Third-Person View

Softpedia: "Mirror's Edge is one of the most innovative games that were launched last year. It strayed away from the gritty, realistic and, most of all, gray surroundings from almost every other game that appeared alongside it, e.g. Gears of War 2, Resistance 2, etc, and brought us a city filled with vibrant colors and lush surroundings that stunned us during the first few levels.

The game was a breath of fresh for the whole industry and really left a lot of people amazed with the fluid movements of the title's main character, Faith, a runner who wanted to clear the name of her sister, wrongly accused of murder. Now, it seems that some fans of the PC version of the game did some exploring and found out that with the editing of an input file you could actually play Mirror's Edge using a third-person view. Now you can actually see Faith in front of you rather than experience everything through her eyes."

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Vicx3545d ago

so this actually did exist the whole time? why didn't they just add the option in the game somewhere? I know the game was meant to be played in first person for the right experience, but at least give us the option, especially if it's already in the game.