Stop the Halo Killing

Killzone 2 has been touted as the next Halo killer by both media and fanboys alike. While Killzone 2 will likely be an excellent genre defining shooter, it's placement in all the hype has become a big mistake. The first is calling it a Halo killer.

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rucky3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Blame yourselves(the media). You got Halo-Killer, LBP-Killer, Final Fantasy-Killer, GTA-Killer etc.

I don't get the last part of his paragraph. It's like totally contradicting his point. So he's saying that gamers should learn that there's no such thing as a game killer but it's ok when the media does it?

Simon_Brezhnev3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Yep i agree lol u cant really compare killzone 2 to halo imo

Why dis3574d ago

I think in the end he said the media doesn't become fanboys about it and are now simply trying to get hits/traffic/attention/payed vs the malice on the ground you get from fanboys wanting the opposing title to BURN.

mintaro3573d ago

Halo revolutionized and Killzone 2 refined.

will113573d ago

Press agree if you think Killzone 2 will own Halo 3.

Unicron3573d ago

Why Dis... the problem with that is, 9/10 people take these sites as "fact" and don't think for themselves. When they label something a "Halo Killer" they are stirring the pot just as bad, but yes in a different manner. It's just as big a disservice, because the media creates these huge expectations through their OWN hype, and then if/when a game doesn't live up to them, they tear it apart.

No longer are games reviewed on their own merits, but rather on the hype and name recognition of the franchise itself. It's pathetic.

ARBitrator3573d ago

The fact that people are calling Killzone a halo killer just adds to the greatness of halo. Halo 3 came out in september of 2007. Here were are in 2009 and PS3 fans are comparing Killzone 2 an unreleased game with a 15 month old (obviously legendary) game.

Funny, so PS3 fans, perhaps halo was a pretty awesome game huh?

pimp6143573d ago

In fact Killzone 2 will be one of the biggest disappointments this year, just like GTA IV. mark my word. Ps3 fan's are hyping it up so much that the game is going to be a major flop.

Maddens Raiders3573d ago

KILLZONE II is a HALO killer. there.

IaMs123573d ago

I believe this game will will sell well, really well. But from all the hype that its getting, and when you compare that to what it really sells it will become a dissappointment. So many people believe that it will blow by Halo, it may but i dont think so. Reason being is that Halo has been around since last generation therefore its built up a fanbase. Killzone 1 was not very praised as a game last generation, many enjoyed but on the other hand many were dissappointed with it. Now think to yourself... If you played a game before in the past that was excellent and they decided to release a sequel you would most likely purchase it correct(Halo) since they were known to make a good game? OR you played a game in the past and you didnt like it very much, thought it was decent but got bored little quick, and they came out with a sequel(Killzone2) would you buy it, they were known from killzone1 to make a decent shooter?

lil Titan3573d ago

people need to stop saying Killzone 2 is an "Halo Killer" the Halo killer was COD4 Killzone 2 would be the Overkiller

CrazzyMan3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Just like CoD4 took from Halo 3.

BUT to KILL, KZ2 need to take atleast 80% of gamers, which regularly play Halo 3.
I don`t think, that this is going to happen(maybe only CoD4/CoD:WoW would really suffer), no matter how KZ2 is GREAT. =)
But, who knows? =))

Danja3573d ago

there will never be a Halo killer bcuz Halo is no longer the best console FPS this isn't 2001 ne more..

COD4 & KZ2 are the big doggs these days..Halo needs to go back to pre-school..

uie4rhig3573d ago

i dont think there should be any [insert game name]-killers.. it's just stupid, now unless the storyline, the characters and everything else is identical, it shouldn't be compared to each other, compare Halo 3 to Halo 2, but not Killzone 2 to Halo 3, compare Killzone 2 to Killzone 1, but not GeoW with R2..

Graphics Whore3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

LOL Halo revolutionized. Oh boy. Anyway, Halo Killer doesn't exist anymore, CoD4 already pulpified it by shooting it in the head with a minigun.

Marquis_de_Sade3573d ago

Yea sure, PS3 fans tell yourself, Halo 3 remains top of the Live charts even after releasing almost a year and a half ago. CoD was not the Halo killer many slate it as, you just want to pretend your happy without it on the PS3.

The Halo killer tag is plain stupid, I will be enjoying Halo 3 and Killzone 2 together for many years to come.

uie4rhig3573d ago

it's purely hype.. Halo 3 only sold coz of hype.. CoD4 wasn't hyped half as much and sold nearly as much (yes i know its multiplatform but still) but Halo 3 got overtaken by CoD4 in the first few weeks.. and now its a battle between the two thanks to CoD:WaW (many went to CoD:WaW so less CoD4 players)

Marquis_de_Sade3573d ago

Actually for the 2 months before World of War released, Halo reclaimed its' top spot. I find many people play the CoD games due to the carrot and stick nature of the rewards, the gameplay itself is mediocre. This year I purchased World at War for the PS3 on the recommendation of my brother, well, this is the game I will trade in against Killzone 2.

N4360G3573d ago

I agree,stop the Halo killing,it's pretty obvious that Killzone 2 is better than Halo.

IcarusOne3573d ago

Halo didn't sell because of hype. Every person I know bought an Xbox only after playing Halo. In other words, Halo sold Halo.

Halo did revolutionize FPS because it was the first one to prove that they can work on consoles. Everything before that had been clunky, jerky and awkward. Halo was smooth, precise and organic. Killzone - and every other console FPS - owes it's existence to Halo. If there hadn't been a Halo, there would have been no need for the "Halo-killing" Killzone 1. And if there hadn't been a Killzone 1, there wouldn't be a Killzone 2.

Own it. Love it. Savor it. Every Sony fanboy who preemptively worships Killzone 2. Halo is the greatest thing to ever happen to you.

Graphics Whore3573d ago

Wrong, Look up Golden Eye 007 young pup.

IcarusOne3573d ago

I misspoke. They're both revelations. There really wasn't anything very inspired between the two. Nothing came close to the fun of GoldenEye until Halo, especially when you're considering fluidity and tightness of control. Every couple of years there is a jump in the genre. Nothing's radically built upon Halo's two stick, two trigger control scheme.

For my money, Rainbow 6 Vegas is a great jump forward with how it handles its cover mechanic. Arguably the tightest addition to the control scheme I've seen in years. I'm sure Killzone will do a lot of very nice things, but it's not going to redefine the genre the way GoldenEye and Halo did.

Sarcasm3572d ago

The original Halo didn't "revolutionize." It just pioneered the first successful FPS on consoles.

Killzone 2, just does everything better.

Infact, the most revolutionary FPS this generation would be Mirror's Edge. And look at the sales of that game.

So people need to stop with the "OOoohhh FPS's need to innovate" crap. And just enjoy that specific Genre's are there for a reason.

That's why there's shooters, RPGs, Racing etc. You wouldn't compare Halo 3's driving portion to Gran Turismo 5 would you? No, it's stupid.

So Killzone 2 is an excellent First Person Shooter. End of story.

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They said doom would get killed for a long time. It never happened and the issue died out. I think after awhile people just don't care about it getting killed or not.

ThanatosDMC3573d ago

Doom killed itself with Doom 3 sadly...

Why dis3574d ago

Cool post. Pretty much has what I said in a nutshell(folks like Halo's arcady offerings with flying and ground vehicles etc). Iconic status is hard to beat.

I disagree with Gears22 and his comment in the report box.


It's his opinion but he should post it here. I've actually seen people in some forums try to disrespect Halo and say Killzone 2 will kill it. Honestly, I think Killzone 2 will match it in different ways.

Giriath3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

The people reporting this story obviously only read the title. He's saying that media only call a game "[insert game name] killer" to get hits while they do it and set up for their inevitable biased review score, because it wasn't the "[insert game name] killer people hoped it to be", which is true.

Almost every reviewer is justifying their 9 or 9,5 score with their opinion that Killzone 2 "doesn't do anything new". In reality, Killzone 2 is the first FPS to have a cover system and it also has dynamically changing game types in multiplayer.

In comparison, Gears of War wasn't the first TPS to feature a cover system, it only polished it. But it was still considered original and every TPS utilizing a cover system after it was copying what Epic had created.

Why the split opinions? Because the gaming press hadn't hyped GeoW to the skies.


To me he's saying that calling Killzone 2 a Halo killer will only make Killzone 2 look bad. That's all.

B-Real2063573d ago

If I recall rainbow six las vegas has cover albeit it comes out to third person while "in it". I am very excited to get to try this all first person cover. I just can't wait for the 27th!!!!!!!!

solidsnakus3574d ago

well halo was the pinacle of fps and still is although to a less extent since halos been remade like 3 times now. it just wears it out. 8 mil sold dosnt lie, i dont know of any other fps thats sold that much on one console.

cayal3573d ago

I am just curious if Halo didn't sell so much would this be even a discussion?

Is Halo the game that every other shooter gets compared too because it sold so much or because it really is a revolutionary FPS.

It would be interesting that, if Halo sold 3 million, would the 'Halo Killer' tag still apply?

Sarcasm3572d ago

Right, 8 million sold for Halo 3.

Wii Sports is going on 40 million sold. It's definitely a better game than Halo 3 according to the 360 fanboy logic.