Rumor : Dead or alive coming to the Wii

Computer and Video Games asked Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki about the possibility of putting his franchises on the Wii, and, while no concrete information was given, Itagaki indicated that he had at least thought about it. Specifically, he was inspired by Wii Sports Boxing to think about Wii fighting games. It doesn't take much of a leap to conclude that if Itagaki and Team Ninja make a fighting game for the Wii (and they should!) then the words "Dead" and "Alive" will somehow figure into the title.

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marionz4303d ago

the wii wouldnt be able to handle this game! maybe somthing more like clay fighters would be good for the wii LOL :p

ChickeyCantor4303d ago (Edited 4303d ago )

xbox1 had they can take that engine.
when they say a name of a franchise, it doesnt mean they will only use the new engine.

look @ sonic.