Uncharted 2 to set the bar higher than Killzone 2

Naughty Dog claims to be fully utilizing the SPU's (Synergistic Processing Unit)on the ps3 and pushing the hardware even further than guerilla games. If true, this will be incredible seeing how Killzone 2 only uses 60% of the PS3's SPU's! This not only would give Uncharted the chance to capitalize in graphics but also in FPS (Frames Per Second).

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whateva4866d ago

because Uncharted 1 is a beast

pain777pas4866d ago

Sony is starting to show its true colors and so is the PS3

Gerry Mark II4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

agreed and better than Womb Raider: Unsatisfying

rucky4866d ago

Nothing to hype on the other end huh? ;)

Gerry Mark II4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

Trolling the PLAYSTATION®3 section again because you have nothing better comming out besides DLC, muliplats and more Halo spinoffs?

KillzoneKid4866d ago

too bad

there is nothing to hype on x360

since all it has for 2009 are lame DLCs and crap games

pswi604866d ago

I bet November seems like a really, really long time ago....huh bud?

Karma is a b!tch

NegativeCreep4274866d ago

Jack Who's obvious jealousy makes my heart shine!!!

lokiroo4204866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

jack who, you will now be referred to as jack off! To the ps3 owners, were not surprised!

likedamaster4866d ago

If anything needs the hype it's killzone 2 (especially with how bad part 1 did). Uncharted 2 will do fine.

infamousinfolite4866d ago

You right he does got nothing to do. Seeing how the 180 got no games. Hey remember when xbots were saying how ps3 got no games well it's amazing how they eat their own words and karma it's a witch ain't it! lmbo

Sir Ken_Kutaragi4866d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

POOR xBot Zombie DLC Lemmings on this not having a good week are you!!!
;-D ;-D ;-D

The xBox 360 CAN'T outsell the PS3 by a lot World-wide in 2008 and it's dirt cheap!!!

KillZone 2 makes every xBox 360 game look like a N64 game!!! ;-D

xBots CRYING because PS3 owners are getting the BEST Games!!! ;-D

Resident Evil 5 WILL be better on the PS3(they hate me saying that!!!) ;-D
(like most Multi-format games were last year, but the internet try and fool everyone that the PS3 versions are worse...Most PS3 versions ARE the better versions!!!)

And now this...


gersh4865d ago

You're making him cry.

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ultimolu4866d ago

If they achieve that...idek.

ultimolu4866d ago

I don't even know. >:P


meepmoopmeep4866d ago

hahah, thanks

why did you get disagrees? lol.

Hallucinate4866d ago

hey meep why cant i give you bubbles?

cayal4866d ago

"hahah, thanks

why did you get disagrees? lol. "

Apparently someone thinks he does know.

meepmoopmeep4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

lol, i dunno why,

i lost 2 bubbles in under 5 hours today though.

i don't really care about bubbles, i'd be fine with just one.

ultimolu4865d ago

The other side has this sick hate/obsession with me that's why. :o

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Gerry Mark II4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

Who cares? i just feel satisfied i can play Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 (the real GOW) only on the PLAYSTATION®3.

TheHater4866d ago

couldn't agree more. We get to play those games, and that all that should matter to PS3 owners.

Sarcasm4866d ago

Don't forget Gran Turismo 5...