Motor City Online not coming back

Contrary to other reports, Motor City Online is not coming back in any form, in China or else where, and is not at all related to Need for Speed World Online. EA has not announced the territories, and even still, World Online will not be called NFS: Motor City Online in any of them.

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outlawlife3641d ago

that doesn't mean it wont ahve the elements that made mco great

i wish ea would release a way for there to be open servers for the game or something

maybe just 1 small mco server would be nice, it was fun to go on there and just enjoy the game and talk about cars with real people

the game was ahead of its time imo

DeadlyFire3638d ago

Well NFS World Online is Free to Play MMO so its likely that they will keep it around alot longer. Since there will be no fees.