IGN: Broken Sword The Director's Cut Q&A

A decade and a half ago, the 2D point-and-click adventure game was king, with the likes of LucasArts moving the industry forward with complex narratives and characterisation, sharp scripting and high adventure. As cerebral puzzling gave way to the visceral thrills afforded by a shift into the third dimension though, the clamour for point-and-click games dwindled.

There has a resurgence in their popularity recently though, Nintendo's consoles lending themselves perfectly to the genre thanks both to their broad audience and tactile control schemes. Now, Ubisoft and genre veterans Revolution Software have teamed up to rejuvenate the revered Broken Sword series, having recently announced a director's cut of adventure classic Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templar on Wii and DS. IGN sat down with Revolution managing director Charles Cecil for the first, full lowdown on the games ahead of their release this spring.

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