Publishers to slash prices in the US?

Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian believes that software publishers in the US may be planning to cut wholesale pricing of games as the industry enters a "seasonally slower selling period".

Based on retail price checks, he suggests that Electronic Arts will lead the way by slashing USD 10 from its EA Sports franchise titles, as well as Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, Command and Conquer and Monopoly, while Activision's Guitar Hero may also follow suit.

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resistance1003575d ago

Its happening in the UK as well.

Well its more the retailers cuting prices but hey.

Games are normally £40 new when they hit shelves over here, but i've been able to pre-order street fighter IV for £27, Killzone 2 for £29.

Its a bargin time to be a gamer in the UK =D

(also with the pound getting weaker to the dollor, consoles are nearly cheaper over here than US)