WorthPlaying Review: Fallout 3 - Operation: Anchorage

WP writes: "The Capital Wasteland is a vast and lonely place, and a wandering soul could spend months, maybe even years scouring its surface and still not discover every hidden secret it holds. In fact, just this week a new treasure trove of adventure was found, and those who have longed for a reason to go back into the desolation of the not-so-distant future will no doubt be pleased. This time, however, you aren't fighting irradiated mutants on a scorched and withered plain; oh no, for this particular mission you'll find the battlefield to be a lot more chilly.

Operation: Anchorage, the first of Bethesda's promised three DLC packs for Fallout 3, starts out like so many other missions before. As you're traversing the wastes, your Pip-Boy picks up a distress signal coming from a group of frantic Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts. After tracking down the source, you find a group of your beleaguered brethren in a pitched battle against a squadron of Super Mutants. Once you clear the path and escort the boys back to their base, they begin to take a keen interest in you. You see, they've made their base at an old armory, yet they can't get the doors open to access the equipment in the vault. This is because the lock is controlled not by your average security terminal or key-operated door, but rather a virtual-reality program that none of them have been able to crack. Lucky for them, your Pip-Boy grants you access to the simulation, which will allow them to finally access the treasure trove of hidden goodies in the vault."

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Syko3552d ago

Can't wait to make some time to play this...FO3 is the best game of 08' hands down. 80 hours in and still loving it.

PS360WII3547d ago

heck yeah it is :)

Fallout 3 aaaaaahhhhh!