Random Gamer's Review of Saint's Row 2

Jimmy the Greek writes, "I played and loved the first Saint's Row. It wasn't perfect but it still represented the first real sandbox/open-world game to hit the current generation of consoles. Think of it as first time you had sex. It was fun, but in hindsight you realize it could have been much much better. Saint's Row was fairly limited in terms of vehicles and map size, at least when compared to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. You had cars and cars alone, and the map spanned one city: Stilwater.

Saint's Row 2 adds to the core game play mechanics with several welcome improvements. You're no longer limited to cars. There are airplanes, boats, jet skis, motorcycles, mopeds, helicopters, and four wheelers. The old activities are back with several additions. The driving has been tightened, the map is about the same size but has more depth(literally) and height, and character customization extends to voice, presence, and sex. It's a definite improvement/progression, but with this improvement comes minimal sacrifice..."

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bgrundman3552d ago

This game had me at Feces cannon...

CrAppleton3552d ago

Yeah.. IDK about this one.. I've yet to really get into a Saints Row game..

bgrundman3552d ago

Well there has only been one other game. Maybe you should give it another chance.

Neco5123552d ago

i like the saintsrow games you should look at them again

CrAppleton3552d ago

Both Saints Row Games have gotten quite a bit of good feedback though.. Maybe I should try them out?

bgrundman3552d ago

You definitely should at least rent it.

ape0073551d ago

trust me,at least rent it and im sure

the first 5 minutes,you'll automatically fall with it

saints row 2 is 1 one of the best game experiencesin 2009

so deep
so good

it's underrated too

Neco5123552d ago

i like saints row because it has more of an arcade like feel to it than gta

CrAppleton3552d ago

More Arcade like? Can you be more specific?

ammonator3552d ago

More of an arcade feel than Crackdown?

CrAppleton3552d ago

Yeah.. Crackdown would be the Arcade feeling for sure!

bgrundman3552d ago

Seeing how the original came out on PS3, are there any differences between Saints Row 2 on PS3 and Xbox 360?

buckethead_9113552d ago

The first one never came out for the PS3. The lead platform for Saints Row 2 is the 360.

bgrundman3552d ago

that is what I meant, but I didn't realize it in time to fix typo... sorry about that :-S

JimmyJames703552d ago

Saints row is more fun than gta. I just finished the first SR and I'm looking forward to part 2.

CrAppleton3552d ago

Well.. I guess I'll have to check it out then.. cause I had sh!t tons of fun with GTA

JohnR3552d ago

saints row is not more fun than gta

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