Destructoid: Texas Cheat 'Em Preview

D3 Publisher is a company full of sin. They've been promoting lust with all of the Onechanbara stuff and now they're promoting greed with Texas Cheat 'Em. It's bad enough that Texas Hold 'Em promotes gambling, but now you're going to be gambling AND cheating to win. You're all going to Hell!

Texas Cheat 'Em is exactly what it sounds like. It's Texas Hold 'Em, but you can cheat your way to victory. Hit the jump to see if it will be worth placing a bet on Texas Cheat 'Em.

Texas Cheat 'Em plays out just like Texas Hold 'Em. In fact, you can play a straight game of Texas Hold 'Em if you can convince everyone to not cheat. But since everyone is full of sin, people would rather cheat.

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