TeamXbox: MLB Front Office Manager Review

Recently, a study showed that people who played EA Sports' venerable Madden series of NFL games were actually smarter and more well informed about the inner working of football. Baseball fans scoff at this, knowing that they've been smarter about their favorite sport for years now.

In fact, baseball fans essentially invented fantasy sports years ago with the advent of Rotisserie Baseball, otherwise known as table-top baseball. Some of the most famous games like Strat-o-Matic date back to the 60's, and are clear progenitors to today's fantasy sports, which require its players to understand a lot about the minutiae of the sport and what things like OPS and WHIP mean. That wave of sports nerdism leaves TeamXbox in their present state of affairs where sports fans are more likely to pore over mock drafts and high school scouting reports than actually go to a game and enjoy a hot dog and a beer in the sun.

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