Killzone 2 Controller Presets Revealed

The six controller presets that will be used have been revealed by Seb Downie (aka motherh), the QA manager at Guerilla Games.

He also confirmed that there will be no option to customize the controls, so check them out below and have a look which one suits you.

Killzone 2 is set on track for its February release, it is on track to release between the 25th and 27th, depending on what territory you reside in.

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Liquid Snake3548d ago

If i can make the controls like COD4 and 5, then i will as happy as Snoop Dogg on crack.

Cronnie3548d ago

Alternate 2 is probably your best bet then, it looks the most similar to the CoD controls to me.

Liquid Snake3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

yeah i was going to edit that in.

Is there an option to switch the L2 and 0 buttons? That will be more like COD.

+1 Agree.

Gray23548d ago

lol! thats what I was gonna use as my comment, but I'll reiterate in all caps in case anyone missed yours:


Bonsai12143548d ago

yeah.. alternate 2 for me..

TheColbertinator3548d ago

ALternate 2 easily.Cod4 controls rock

f7897903548d ago

It means your getting old!

Cronnie3548d ago

Well it isn't a carbon copy, does help having a familiar control set though ;)

Timesplitter143548d ago

Alt 2 or standard 1 for me.

I like to aim with R3, so I'll probably start with Stand. 1

ThanatosDMC3548d ago

Alternate 2 for Aim. It'll feel just right. Just like in R2.

BLuKhaos3548d ago

meh I'll stick to the default layout.Every FPS I played last year except RSV 2 had the COD layout and I need something different.

Giriath3548d ago

Alternate 2 with Zoom on toggle in campaign and Zoom on hold and Crouch on toggle in MP for me. I was in the beta, and I'm 100% sure this will be the best setup for anyone who prefers the Alternate 2 control scheme.

In the campaign you have to hold L2 to stick to cover, so not having Zoom on toggle means you have to hold in both L2 and L1 while shooting with R1, which as you can probably guess is a bit tedious. I'm sure having Zoom on toggle will work great, though.

And Zoom on hold and Crouch on toggle in MP will be just like COD4 or Resistance 2.

GameGambits3548d ago

I'll give the preset a try at first. It looks fine just gotta see how that R3 for zoom in feels. Otherwise like everyone else said:

Alt 2 F T W!

jammy_703548d ago

im glad they have alt 2 =DDDDDD

gameraxis3548d ago

but I'm sorry, controls are a fail, i was hoping so much for my controls ( i mean do these people even feel what its like to use the sticks?) this will Hopefully not stop me from enjoying the game as much as i would have, and will def not stop me from buying... see if u agree.

r1 - grenade
r2 - fire
l1 - cover - crouch (toggle)
l2 - run (or switch l1 and l2 if need be)

square - reload / pick up weapon
triangle - switch guns
X - jump
circle - action

R3 - melee

anything i miss, doesn't matter where it is.. damn man with 6 damn presets, then don't even change the stick.. I'm sorry I'm hugely disappointed.
But at the same time, i hope to hell i can feel comfortable with one of theses :(

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MGOelite3548d ago

alternate 2 for me, its EXACTLY same as resistance 2(expect for R2), cod4 and 5 should definatly use alternate 2 if you want same sort of controls

BLuKhaos3548d ago

wait whaaa?it's like R2 but not like R2?

PirateThom3548d ago

Alternative 2 for me.

It's very similar to other FPS games, and I believe it to be the best layout overall.

Simon_Brezhnev3548d ago

the way i see it if im buying the game i should be able to make the controls how i want it

Cronnie3548d ago

Don't know why the option isn't there to be honest, not that much of a problem for me as I am used to those controls but I am sure it will annoy others.

OhReginald3547d ago

you got to be kidding me. What were you planning on assigning the triangle button the fire button or something??????

GamerPS3603548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

alternate 2 with hold zoom = win win :D //

hold L2 for crouch/cover is good. It gives you more control to your character.

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The story is too old to be commented.