New Killzone 2 MP Footage, Desert Map + Bots

A new video has been found showing off a new level in the Killzone 2 multiplayer including a new desert map, and bots. hit the jump for the footage.

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DavidMacDougall3574d ago

God i'd love to just kill bots all day :)

MGOelite3574d ago

lol i only just saw what you did there after thinking for about 1 minute.

very well played

Serjikal_Strike3574d ago

and that map looks like a pretty wide open area ...looks awesome

meepmoopmeep3574d ago

i'm refraining from watching anything new for this game.

without spoilers, what do you guys think, seeing that?

INehalemEXI3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

meep its everything I dream of and more. Minus bare nekkid lady. Best cloth waving in wind best dust , atmosphere its amazing, down to the little details. Sound fx , wind whistling by your ears etc.

cyclindk3574d ago

@ hi def freak

Actually the grenade launcher is kinda crappy, it looks awesome and seems awesome, but the stupid grenades only blowup upon enemy impact or after a timer runs down... it would have been better if they just blew on impact with any solid surface.

Aclay3574d ago

Out of all the videos I've seen, I think I like this Multiplayer map the most.... and the Bots in the game are actually REALLY good, the enemy A.I. in Killzone 2 is top notch, that's for sure. The wind effects in this level and the amount of detail is just SICK.

I don't know what kind of black magic Guerrilla used to get the Multiplayer of KZ2 to look just as good as the Single Player and run just as smooth, but damn, they did an awesome job!

Timesplitter143574d ago

My deep love for Timesplitters taught me the wonders of bots.

Bots can make any game 100 times more awesome

Ace_Shooter3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

that was really nice. great effects, graphics, framerate. i'm going to love this game.

OFF TOPIC: i got my pre-order at gamestop today. would someone please tell me where the code is??receipt?? i hope i wasn't supposed to ask for it lol

EDIT: @cyclind. i disagreed with yah. if the grenades blew up on impact, there would be too many "cheap" kills. the reload animation on that launcher is beautiful

DOUBLE EDIT: @ demonstalker. THANKS!! ANd....


INehalemEXI3574d ago

yup , you going to have to go back and get it. Unless you pre order online then it will be emailed to yah.

dredgewalker3574d ago

Why do i keep torturing myself looking at these great vids!! My God the atmosphere of the game really makes you feel that its really a battleground! Someone has to be really blind to say that it isnt that special.

thereapersson3574d ago


That would make it a ROCKET LAUNCHER now, wouldn't it? It's a GRENADE launcher....

Your comment makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Timesplitter143574d ago

Actually, I like it this way. The rocket launcher already blows up on impact. But with this grenade launcher, you can use wall-bouncing strategies, and this adds alot to the gameplay.

TheBand1t3574d ago

Grenade launcher grenades are WAY different from hand grenades. Grenade launcher grenades are designed to explode on impact.

CrippleH3574d ago

It's a strategic weapon not a noob toob.

monkpunk13573d ago

Here's one thing i noticed.... the isa "light" seemed a lot brighter than in the beta... Just a shame that we didn't see the Helghast eyes. Looking forward to this online, I need a COD beater.

jammy_703573d ago

geg a kill looks very satifying

masterg3573d ago

This is the game that makes me go back to playing a lot of multiplayer.
I was sure Gears Of War 2 would do it (I played GoW1 MP for a year), but it didn't happen.

After watching that video all I have to say is wow. That is amazing. Looks so much fun. It looks like CoD4 in the future with better graphics.

The single player will sell a lot of KZ2, but the multiplayer will make this Sony's first major hit.

cyclindk3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

@ thereapersson @ Timesplitter14 = morons

I played the beta first of all, second I said exactly how it works, third how did my comment not make any sense? Oh, what? No argument to make? Every other game I've played has the grenades explode upon impact nitwits... don't try and explain to me how YOU think a grenade launcher is SUPPOSED to work.

Timesplierer14, did you play the beta? If you had you would have realized that what you've said, albeit true, is negated by the fact that the grenades are somehow weaker than hand grenades which doesn't make sense, and also nobody really works as a team like that, with one guy flushing out the opposition and the others picking them off, so there...

ThanatosDMC3572d ago

How do you get more ammo? Cuz i want to turtle and spam grenades with that gun... yeah, what a b**** huh?

Giriath3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

You can repair ammo crates with the Engineer's secondary ability. If you didn't already know, secondary abilities have to unlocked by using the primary ability to earn ribbons and a medal. You can also use it with other classes after having earned the medal for the repair ability.

ThanatosDMC3572d ago

Ah, i see. Thanks. A few more days before the demo!

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MGOelite3574d ago

that grenade laucher looks unforgiving at times, i really hope this is the eassy setting for the bots, they do look kinda stupid at times and only managed to kill the real guy once with the grenade laucher + shotgun,

BTW this look like a great sniper level

Gray23574d ago

On higher bot settings they are supposed to be pretty unrelenting!!
But yeah its a pretty sexy lookin map

chidori6663574d ago

this bots is easy mode right???

retrofly3574d ago

Looks like the easiest setting for sure, the player seemed to be taking alot of damage too without going down but they dropped like flies, should be good for learning the maps without ruining your stats :P

ALIEN3574d ago

that level and some bots, it' going to be a great practice for me and my 3 bros (my team)... PS3 owners will have a great time plyain this game together. Good lookin-out bros!!!