Faith and a .45 is officially on hold

Not having been in the limelight for a long time, rumours about Faith and a .45 getting "canned" started to appear.

A couple of days ago, we decided to contact Deadline Games in order to find out about the current status of the game. As they kindly let PS3 Attitude know, the development of Faith and a .45 has been paused, due to the lack of a publisher.

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whoelse3549d ago

Interesting news from a great site ;)

Araceae3549d ago

Not good. I was looking forward to this game, so hopefully it will find a publisher but I could see it getting canned.

MeEdIC3549d ago

I was really excited when I first saw it too. I might even say that I'm still excited about it.

I want to believe that it will find its way to production - sooner or later -.

DolphGB3549d ago

You'd think that there would be a whole bunch of publishers out there that would grab this... wouldn't you?

MeEdIC3549d ago

How is it possible to see - pardon me for the cruelty of my words - so many atrocities getting released, when games such as Faith and a .45 can't find a publisher?

I mean, what are publishers thinking?

Araceae3549d ago

Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one looking forward to it. It seems a lot of people don’t even know about this game, as I never hear it talked about.

I think the economy is probably playing a big factor in some games not finding publishers. There seems to be a number of games that lost publishers recently, but some of them have found new publishers already (like Ghost Busters). I really hope they can find a publisher, but I’m not going to get my hopes up too high. However, if it does find a new publisher (come on Sony, you can never have enough games) I will be very excited.

MeEdIC3549d ago

Without a doubt, the economic crisis is having an impact on the videogame industry as well.

As for the 'Sony part', I could easily imagine Faith and a .45 as a PlayStation 3 exclusive. It has that 'prestige' and 'atmosphere' that characterize many PS3 exclusives (Heavenly Sword).

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BlackIceJoe3549d ago

This sucks the idea of the plot sounded pretty cool. There are very little games that are set during the Great Depression. Yet alone make it the main thing. So this is sad news because I really thought Faith and a .45 sounded cool. Plus the name of the game sounded cool too.