Criterion Games: 'We have some plans for Black 2' writes: 'There was some speculation about a Black sequel that would be in development. So we decided to check this and sent a mail to Criterion Games, and we've get the following answer'.

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Blackmoses3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

The first one was not bad at all. Kinda interested if the make a 2nd part. I never really finished the first one though, if do try a second one 'PLEASE" do away with the video recorded footage of some dude getting interrogated. took away from the game a bit, try a different approach.

edit: Yeah, easy it was not!

samich20073576d ago

I also didn't finished the game. Simply because it wasn't easy. But the game self was good! And for PS2 it was a nice graphical game!