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There are two things that we hate in this universe: product hype and space Nazis. Basically, your enemies (the Helghast) are a bunch of fascist, planet invading, Darth Vader-fetish-having bastards - and we think that 'hype' is part of the same fun-wrecking axis of evil.

No one knows this last fact better than developers Guerilla Games, whose hotly anticipated title, Killzone 2, sits at the centre of a violent hype hurricane. A perfect system war shit storm, if you will. Ever since it was 'unveiled' to the world at E3 2005, the game has been flypaper for naysayers and nitpickers in large idiotic droves. Worst of all, it has had the stupidly subjective, utterly amorphous 'Halo killer' expectation placed upon it by diehard fans (or haters) of the PlayStation 3. Make no mistake people, there is a LOT riding on the quality of this title.

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Nineball21123552d ago

they took a half point off for "No co-op, 'meh' voice work".

I can live with that. ;-)

I'm really looking forward to getting this game in my grubby little hands.

Ghoul3552d ago

the voice acting is top notch from the videos ive seen.

MURKERR3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

'It means Killzone 2 marches other console shooters to the existing benchmark, and unceremoniously bends them over it'. lol wow

prunchess3552d ago

It must have gutted the reviewer and they're sitting in a bar getting hammered drunk. After 6 months reading nothing but PS3 bashing articles from that site, I will never click on another link to again.

If gave killzone 2 9.5 out of 10 at the very least killzone 2 is a 10/10!

anh_duong3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

"In our opinion, Killzone 2 has managed to avoid becoming a victim of the hype, but we still think it’ll be bashed by the same narrow-minded naysayers all the same. To those people, we say: experience it first (play, not YouTube), express your amazement afterwards."

jammy_703552d ago

if it just had co-op then 11/10 might be possible...

Sucks2BU3552d ago

That was one of the dumbest most pointless and most fanboyist comments ever.

I find the site to be one of the few who is willing to tackle issues in gaming across all three consoles with honest opinion which is why I like it. But then I don't feel the need to protect my feelings from RROD haters and dual-shock 3 whingers.

Saying PS3 multi-format games have a a bad framerate isn't slagging off the PS3 - it is telling the truth! Grow up.

As for KZ2 - AWESOME!!!!!

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s8anicslayer3552d ago

feb 27th cant come soon enough.

Huh3552d ago

if we stick together we can make it until february 27

TheTwelve3552d ago

This is going to be 30 days of waiting torture. I feel like a little kid counting down to Christmas. I've been trying to be cool about this but I'm starting to shiver in anticipation when I think about it.


thereapersson3552d ago

That was a well-placed Zinger. Bubbles for that one

Trollimite3552d ago

its the real deal. cant wait

Rims3552d ago

Great to be a PS3 owner!