First Impressions - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

What is there to say about The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion? What can possibly be left to say about a game that came out about a year ago, wowing the critics (with average review scores of over 90% and a rare 10 out of 10 from Eurogamer), winning about a gazillion game of the year awards, and selling over 3 million copies? That's the problem facing anybody writing a preview of the forthcoming PlayStation 3 conversion of Bethesda's RPG masterpiece, which is due to be released in March to accompany the launch of the console (in advance of a PSP title set in the Elder Scrolls universe which is set to appear later this year, hopefully).

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FordGTGuy4341d ago

Or does the PS3 Oblivion's snow not reflecting sunlight?

MoonDust4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

If this doesn't prove the PS3 is weaker i don't know what does. BTW: I thought 2k games was the publisher, not Ubisoft.

Chagy4341d ago

this game does not appeal to me, but motorstorm does, 8 more days till motorstorm!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay lol


Trust me the Ps3 version is much better, just look at the other previews on gamerankings. Anyway its not long now for a full review of the game.

FordGTGuy4341d ago

PS3 version has better graphics yada yada yada the Xbox 360 version is getting a graphics update anyway.


better framerate yada yada yada much faster loading times yada yada, improved draw distance yada I could go on but you bore me.

frostbite064341d ago

running out of bubbles, yada yada

Bowie fan4341d ago

Oblivion's a masterpiece whichever format you choose to play it on. Although it's not gone entirely unnoticed that the devs that wrote it for the PS3, are by far the biggest proponents of the 'our version is so much better than the Xbox 360's' argument.

Which based on the comparison screenshots that I've seen to date, makes it questionable that a new pair of spectacles might be in order for my tired old eyes!

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The story is too old to be commented.