Xbox Live Activity for week of 2/19

Major Nelson has posted the xbox live activity for the week of the 19th. Check it out, Crackdown is in the top five... twice.

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Covenant5822d ago

"Halo 3 Beta...featuring Crackdown." Just kidding. Crackdown turned out to be a pretty decent game.

TheSadTruth5822d ago

keyword... decent

I wish they would sell Halo 3 for $25 or something so I don't have to completely waste $50...

eques judicii5822d ago

if i get about 20 hours of play from a game then i haven't completely wssted the 60 dollars... and that exctly whats happening with crackdown...

Schmitty075822d ago (Edited 5822d ago )

Everyone on my friend's list is playing it and so am I. Co-op is so awesome. I've probably got at least 15 hours into this already and I only just finished out the first gang.

Edit: Wow, the demo is in the top ten as well.

fReSH siNce 825822d ago (Edited 5822d ago )

Xbox 360 Top Live Titles (UU’s)
1 Gears of War
2 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Vegas
3 Crackdown
4 Call Of Duty 3
5 Crackdown (Demo)
6 Madden NFL 07
7 Lost Planet
8 Oblivion
9 Pro Evolution Soccer 6
10 Saints Row

i suck at gears i get a chain saw to face or get tag by a frag granade, havent open crackdown yet cause i havent finish r6v, cod3 and lost planet...cant open crackdown cause i know i will get addicted to it and i wont be able to finish the other games that i havent finish yet but when its all done i will play it...

whats up with papper boy being #1 XBLA
is me but whats up with his voice i dont remember him talking do you guys?

eques judicii5822d ago

i am in total agreement with you... i've got lost planet, enchanted arms, table tennis, and viva pinata all sitting on the back burner while i play crackdown... i didn't think it was possible to be upset with a console because you have too many games to play... march is going to destroy me... or no games will get finished at all... 1500 achievement points by april is going to be super easy

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