Controversy: Game asks you to defecate on Thai King

Gamezine: "Insult the Thai monarchy and find yourself being sued, your website blocked, or worse, being sentenced to imprisonment. A new game takes the risk by asking players to defecate on the Thai King.

An Australian writer was sentenced to three years in prison last week for insulting Thailand's royal family his novel. A pretty rare outcome that's been joined by an over-obsessive Thai government crackdown on people and websites that are critical of their monarchy.

Bangkok's Criminal Court sentenced Harry Nicolaides, 41 from Melbourne, to three years behind prison, after he was arrested when trying to leave the country. The passage in his book, which amounted to only a few sentences, talked of a fictional prince with turbulent marital relations and reportedly alluded to an abuse of royal power.

Apparently it'd be an offence to repeat the material, so we wonder what Thai officials think about this new free PC video game."

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Cheeseknight283555d ago

I just played the flash game. Sure it's a blatant ripoff of "You Have to Burn the Rope" but it was still quite amusing and a fairly good way to make a point.

techie3555d ago

lol. Why are you a turnip?!

techie3555d ago

In the game that is...not you, since you are clearly a piece of cheese. And I know the difference between cheese and turnips. :)

Tempist3554d ago

Guys, you have no idea how much the Thai love their Monarchs. Until you have been there, you don't understand how much this is an actual offense.

To put it in a western context, it's the equivalent of having Osama Bin Ladden taking a dump on George W. Bush in the south, or if you were to make a comic about this 60-70 years about the Kizer taking a dump on enlgish monarch at the time.

ar3554d ago

It's not about insulting people. It's about freedom of speech. One of - if not THE most - important cornerstone of democracy.

Tempist3554d ago

Thailand doesn't really have a democracy. It's a two system deal with the King as an absolute ruler still. His word is law, and if his law is against his image or name being defaced or disrespected.

I'll put it this way; if I were to take your image and deficate all over it in public while instulting you and your family name, would you honestly defend my right to do so?


Reading all your post made me laugh so hard, well being one of a few Thais here I think I should share a bit of my thought.

I got to say that not all Thais love their king (such as myself for example), it just that living in Thailand is like living in medieval period where criticizing the king is a taboo. Come to that, did anyone expect to hear any other story but that Thais love their king?? ofcause not, since if we dare to say a single bad thing about the guy, we will be put in jial for a good 2 decades and will probably got gang rape in the prison. In the end the Thais that really love the king can go out and do all the publication but the Thais that hate him are too afraid to say anything, so there you have it, the reason why foreigners never heard anything bad about the king.

Anyway, I dont really give a s*** about the king, I really hate him and I wish he die.... soon...

Oh and, if people from ICT found this post, dont bother looking for me, i'm living in US, so yeah no matter how much the power the blind man (King Rama IX is blind in one eye) got in Thailand, he got no jack here haahaa (sucker)

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techie3555d ago

You think he'll get arrested?

Foxgod3555d ago

The Thai king is a sissy, a butmunch, a buttface and an overblown idiot.

anubis123555d ago

thai king ahahah what a co*kmuncher